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  1. It's been far too long since I've posted, but it was a pleasure to catch up with friends old and new!
  2. Even with a meltdown I missed a box of LGC 4!
  3. Another great London night, thanks to Mus and all the other gents!
  4. Contact Di quick, compliment her shoes, Bad luck Europeans, you snooze, you lose. Wait for that email, you'll be shittin' bricks Post on the forum, but no US politics
  5. Rob should keep this for when he's next in Italy!
  6. They are still fairly widely available, but the price has crept up from the (already punchy) release price
  7. I was scrolling backwards through the thread, saw the photos first and immediately thought, "They have to be Rye's". Great shots mate
  8. British weather be dammed! Sat under the umbrella with a Hoyo Petit Rob and a glass of Malbec
  9. My brother's mother in law gave him a home carbon monoxide detector for Christmas a few years back. It was past its use by date...
  10. Currently in Burgundy with work, I kicked one off the bucket list today. Cycled to Romanee-Conti and enjoyed a Trinidad Reyes overlooking the vineyard.
  11. OK, bear with me... Lanceros, something of a dapper elder gent, remarries the alluring (but chubby) Robusto in 1989. Following a bit/lot of (soil) fertility treatment they have five children in 1994, Siglos I-V. Siglo VI only released in 2002 so perhaps the obese youngest son who eats too much Seco?
  12. Congratulations Carts! Amazing hat trick for the win! I was happy to get one this year, well done everyone for participating and to our hosts for organising again this year

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