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  1. Nailed it. Better than so much other pop metal that came out through the 80s and 90s, but the beginning of the end for the band. 5/10 for me at best. Some nostalgia factor as Nothing Else Matters was the first song I ever learned on guitar. Looking through the tracklist the only one I actually wanted to put on for a listen today was Wherever I May Roam. Then again I'm in the extremely small camp of people with a soft spot for St Anger, so my opinion is meaningless.
  2. First watched it in a highschool class on a glary tv broken up over the course of a few weeks. Didn't connect. Next tried watching it on a friend's small tv one night over drinks, didn't connect. When 2049 came out, local cinema played the original. In the cinema, I absolutely loved it, one of my all-time top 5 moments in a movie theatre. That's not to say it's a shallow big screen glitz-and-glamour affair, it obviously isn't. But it's a film that requires (and rewards) total immersion. I'd never rush to put it on in the background or try and watch it in the family home where interruption by kids is an inevitability, but I wouldn't hesitate to buy tickets for a cinematic viewing again.
  3. Rosario Iaconis proudly contributing to the stereotype of Italian-Americans becoming unreasonably angry and insulted by something completely innocuous.
  4. We need a "one in/one out" policy on the US sanctioning countries. Don't want to ruin all their fun (well I do but I can compromise), maybe set a limit of two or three, then if they find a new country they want to sanction they have to drop sanctions against another country. Marie Kondo for imperialism.
  5. The UN does one of these votes regularly and the votes are more or less always the same. If I'm honest, it feels like pretty useless posturing by overpaid bureaucrats that hasn't and won't achieve anything (hey, it's the UN). But it's at least nice to have a concrete reference for how little support there is for this embargo in the international community, including among almost all of America's allies. The voting power of the Miami Cubans really is the only way to make sense of it now. It's had no positive regime change effect (as mentioned only drums up greater support for the PCC), it's not good for business, it wastes government resources. Cuba has some vague friendliness with China and Russia, but you could say that about a hundred other countries in the Global South that aren't under sanctions. Can't help but feel that if Florida wasn't such an important voting state the thing would have been dead and buried decades ago.
  6. I should add this to my list of arguments trying to sell my wife on a Cuban holiday. "Sweetie, you know how our kids can't get the vaccine yet, how about we take them to get it in Cuba?"
  7. But all the people in Chinese prisons are innocent victims of authoritarian oppression, whereas all the people in US prisons are dangerous criminals who need to be locked up. (At least, that's the implication when the country with 25% of the world's prison population tries to lecture other countries on "freedom".)
  8. Florida has a prison population of 95,622 - 4.5 per 1000 people. Texas has a prison population of 151,213 - 5.2 per 1000 people. Australia has a prison population of 41,060 - 1.6 per 1000 people 25,690,000 - 1000 per 1000 people Somebody help us, today I had to wear a mask at work which is basically the same as being locked up at ADX Florence.
  9. On top of everything else, 2020 was the first time in about eight or nine years that I didn't have a cigar all year. Here's hoping the Doc gives me the all clear to break the drought in 2021. But I got to cherish NYE with the ones I love. Happy new year all!
  10. As a Lions fan I'm hoping someone knocks us out in the next few matches so we don't have to lose to Richmond in the grand final. Tonight was pretty dismal, but hey, none of us expected to be playing in September so mood is still positive for the season!
  11. Agree with you on the second point - people love to talk about the huge death tolls in communist countries as being some fatal indictment of communism, but when any of exactly the same stuff happens in capitalist countries, it's just bad luck and no cause to re-evaluate the political structure. Famine happens in Ukraine under control of the communist Soviet Union? Communism killed those people. Famine happens in India under control of the capitalist British Empire? Ah... must be other reasons. First point is cool if you're a libertarian socialist or some other communist who rejects Marxism, but given you seemed to support Marx further up, how do you reckon with Marx's Dictatorship of the Proletariat? Compared to the United States, a much wealthier capitalist country, Cuba has: better infant mortality rate, higher literacy rate, higher life expectancy, ranks higher on several development indexes etc etc. Apart from, y'know, all the nationalism and ethnic cleansing. You remember that Hitler murdered all the communists before he was able to consolidate his power, right? *Correct labor theory of value Even though I was directly referring to changes in income inequality, I'll take this opportunity to point out that most number are greatly inflated. The initial "death count" for Mao's reign was reported by the Chinese government as around 16 million. Firstly, before you say "this is an underestimate because of propaganda", this number was released by the successive government as a way to justify policies they sought to introduce that departed from the Maoist policies, so if they had any incentive to "fudge the numbers", they surely would have overestimated rather than underestimated. Secondly, no number since from 30-70 million (or indeed the original 16 million figure) has provided any substantial evidence to show how they arrived at that figure. Thirdly, yes I agree that ~16 million is still unambiguously terrible and tragic, but a. see the start of my post, millions have died under capitalism and it's never capitalism's fault for some reason, and b. yes I would say that a country has significantly improved if it manages to double its life expectancy in 30 years despite tens of millions of deaths Ask those at the bottom end of capitalist inequality just how "free" they feel.
  12. China, Russia, Cuba etc. all drastically decreased their wealth inequality following their respective revolutions. The Soviet Union reached similar levels as Australia and the UK, and was significantly better than the US. China improved significantly as well under Mao, but has become constantly less equal following the shift away from communism through the capitalist reforms of recent decades. Cuba's inequality is also rising following (albeit much stricter) reforms. I'd argue these revolutionary governments reflected the theories of Marx and Engels more faithfully than you are suggesting.

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