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  1. We loved Trinidad. Beautiful old town. Years ago now but remember going to a club in a huge, dilapidated old building filled with local youth. Lots of fun. There was also some sort of street festival going on with music and dancing up the stone streets. Didn't seem like it was a tourist thing (there were very few tourists around when we were there), which made it all the more special. Must convince the wife to go back...
  2. Wil

    Why I go to Malaysia

    I was lucky to stop in KL for a few days a couple of years ago. Loved it. Had some great food on Jalan Alor (prob one of the most touristy spots?) and the standout was some stingray. Cooked very simply, but was to die for. Can't wait to get back - miss the smell of durian!
  3. Glenlivet 12. Nothing fancy, but this stuff is a steal.
  4. Really nice RGPC. First smoke in a while and loving it.
  5. I picked up a bottle last week. Much like the 10yo but with the expected sweetness from the px. I prefer the 10 and the qc, but nice for a change of pace. What did you think of it ken?
  6. I haven't cracked my box of Montecarlos yet. But for me the panatelas are a solid smoke but pretty one dimensional. Hoping the Montecarlos offer a bit more...
  7. Oh and for pasta, it has to be Pecorino Romano

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