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  1. good quote. in which case, i can advise that i have tried several times. convoluted, navel gazing with some good effects and scenes but ultimately as interesting as watching a rock grow. the equivalent of jazz on film.
  2. just saw this. what truly awful, tragic news. RIP Nino.
  3. fair enough, i would suggest that aspiring to be a porn star is perhaps not a claim to fame, but then i guess nor is being charlie sheen's girlfriend.
  4. i saw wild things. that makes her a wannabee porn star, not an actress.
  5. soon as i heard the name, i knew that line would be in there somewhere. was waiting for them to get rid of it. yes, denise richards proved that her only claim to fame was to date charlie sheen. bean was excellent. tomorrow never dies largely boring.
  6. the very first line in goldeneye is that absurd, sorry forgot to knock. for me, that set the bar so low, it never recovered. the latter brosnan were saved by sophie marceaux and halle berry as bond girls. otherwise, agree with everything you've said.
  7. good show community, but it is simply a common expression, at least for us. interesting perception re goldeneye - i actually thought that was his weakest. i thought he got marginally better each film, although that does not mean the films did.
  8. octopussy was truly the dregs of the franchise. an embarrassment. everyone involved should have been put up against the proverbial pockmarked wall and shot.
  9. i liked Moore but i do think that he, and more especially the writers, directors and producers, took Bond in a direction that nearly killed the franchise. brosnan not much better though i did think he was improving when they decided to dump him. connery and craig streets ahead. dalton third. brosnan and moore the bottom.
  10. i believe that the producers, when asked for this, thought it the most minor of requests and were happy to agree. they were somewhat staggered at the amount of cigars he smoked.
  11. we see an occasional bottle at independent retailers but the local industry for sparklers is fairly significant, especially the top wines from Tasmania. so they are likely to remain as curiosities at best for us. some of our top fizz is priced above the lesser champers (and some is certainly better quality), though like pretty much everywhere else, we are not competing on quality at the very top.
  12. and my thanks to whomsoever so kindly straightened the photos.
  13. good luck with the trip. been so long since i went to either region, i doubt anything relevant. one thing to do if you have a regular good retailer here is to try and get them to tap any contacts for a visit.

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