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  1. may be when we were young. these days, most of the dross they have as reporters can even pronounce real words. lord help us if they are making up new ones.
  2. you reckon he'd get through an entire episode? i wouldn't.
  3. first of all, how much spare time to you have!!! secondly, shittest. just because someone with minimal education includes it in a piece in a paper, does not make it a word. next, the pineapple was sold. one of my mates involved. it is now a rum distillery - nil desperandum. the first release was very good.
  4. definitely and definitely at this price. current release about $125 here. bailey carrodus was supposedly the ultimate grumpy old man/pioneer of the yarra valley - i met him once and he was anything but though there are many stories. tiny production, large demand, the wines have always sold out and been collectors' faves. bailey passed in 2008 so that might be from a period where the transition was still taking place and while, if i recall, 2010 was a very good year in the yarra, not sure how it has travelled. sarah crowe took over about five years ago and the wines never better. she has won winemaker of the year and the winery, best in australia and so on (i know those things often mean little but these are from people like halliday who takes it seriously). but i would definitely give that a crack. especially at that price. it will be shiraz with a dollop of rhone whites. the No 1 is the Cabernet and probably has a slightly higher reputation but both have many fans.
  5. i suspect we are actually a lot closer than we might think. agree re it not mattering about where etc. dan has a few other issues (the second set of books and not paying money he should). it does look like neither will be 'tried' other than by the nfl and owners. another issue. suspending dan or even his $10 mill fine was a farce and the proverbial flogging with a soggy lettuce. the irony of all the woke crap is that it might actually get action from some of these people who should act and we might eventually get the right result in relation to both scumbags. but i wouldn't hold my breath.
  6. with respect, that is garbage. where did i say that? i'm saying the exact opposite. every individual should be dealt with according to the law. how you could possibly get that i think it okay for the ceo to get away with fraud and the board to cover it up from what i have said is truly baffling (perhaps i need to check what i said in case i made an error typing but everything i have intended to say is diametrically opposed to that). i do understand, and agree, with the 'leaders' being held to higher standards although when it actually comes to the law, it should be the same for all.
  7. perhaps we are at cross purposes but i really don't understand. surely, as far as this post is concerned re dan (and it was originally simply because i was amused that a fan had to start a GoFundMe page to resign mclaurin), it is simple. if the guy has transgressed and committed any offence then he should face the appropriate investigation and penalties if found guilty. all the rest of it is irrelevant. i'm not disagreeing that other owners should most likely have faced similar or that they haven't protected their own. and certainly not condoning that. but it doesn't change dan's actions and what should happen. restructuring the entire thing is a different matter. as for watson, his actions have nothing to do with dan's and should be dealt with accordingly. it really is not that difficult. or at least it shouldn't be.
  8. this is not about history. this is a guy who may or may not have committed a variety of offences. it has nothing to do with whether anyone else has transgressed. it is about what dan might have done. he does not get a free pass because others have also offended. or do we simply ignore those who may have committed offences? or do we pick and choose?
  9. absolutely. could not agree more with all this. sad but true. jack kent cooke must be spinning in his grave. mind you, you'd have to be a low class escort to have anything to do with grubby dan no matter how much he offered.
  10. for me, it was charles mann trashing O lines and taking out QBs, the incredible posse (i stupidly assumed that we would always have at least three really great WRs) and best of all, darrell green, who could catch anything (both intercepts and opposing players). then of course, we had an amazing coaching staff led by the great joe gibbs.
  11. exactly. we all care. we just wish we cared about something other than a team owned by dan. i moved to DC late 80s. never occurred to me that they would not always be a great team winning far more than their share of superbowls. then along comes dan. unthinkable. not sure if congress can force him to sell - suspect not though it would be great if they gave him so many problems, he felt forced to. the NFL on the other hand, with the owners, certainly could have a crack. shame on them for not expelling this garbage years ago. i suspect the revelation that he was pinching crowd money from them made him no friends. dan going would be the christmas present to end all christmas presents.
  12. we certainly agree on dan and ron but i would argue that skins/commodes fans most certainly do care. it is all about being a fan. of course they care. caring is very different to being happy. and of course no one cares about clients i had years ago and nor am i expecting anyone to care. it was simply about making a point and using that as an example. i would have thought that obvious?

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