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Found 21 results

  1. HERF #4 - CHICAGO HABANOS SOCIETY - LIVE THREAD!!! We are CRAZY in Chicago and this is the invite to our next HERF! All FoH members are welcome! We picked a Saturday in the weekend right in the middle of Superbowl and Valentine's Day weekends, In honor of the SuperBowl and the ridiculous coverage of it, I’ve decided to start our LIVE THREAD about 5+ hours before it kicks off!!!! IT’S GAMEDAY!!! So many choices, so little time! Location: Big Mike's Cigars in Skokie, IL Address: Big Mike's Cigars 8016 Lincoln Ave, Skokie, IL 60077 (847) 675-2447 Date: Saturday, February 8th, 2020 Time: 1pm to Late We will be there well into the night! For a long time! So no worries if you want to show up a little later. Food: Smoque BBQ ( Josh @inter4alia and I have decided to cater in Smoque BBQ Beef Brisket for the CHS HERF. This is our treat to CHS! We will have Baked Beans, Mac 'n Cheese, Cornbread and Mini Buns as well! !!FOOD WILL BE DELIVERED AROUND 5PM!! and open to all CHS HERF Members and Guests. Specifics: 1. We can bring in our Cuban cigars and smoke them all day and night! 2. You may bring in your own alcohol to drink. They have glassware to use there for any beers, liquor or wine we bring in. 3. They have a large variety of non-alcoholic drinks for sale. Entrance Fee / Cost / Minimum Spend Per Person: Big Mike’s has been kind enough to allow us to come into their establishment, take up valuable space and allow us to smoke Cuban cigars that we obviously cannot purchase there. We worked out a deal where everyone attending is asked to buy a couple of sticks from the humidor as an “entrance fee.” Or you can just pay a $20 flat fee or make other purchase(s) totaling $20 or more. This is an incredibly low minimum spend per person for a HERF! This applies to EVERYONE who attends the CHS HERF!: CHS & FoH Members, Guests, Smokers and Non-Smokers. This is my local B&M and I love this place and have a special relationship with the ownership / management to be able to host this special event so please remember to throw them a few bucks for extending us this courtesy! Attendees: Please reply in this thread to us know if you will be able to attend so that we can give Mike's a head count and reserve the right number of tables. Summary of Probable Attendees: 12 Members Confirmed; 1 Maybe; 6 Guests Running Attendee List: @Buck14 @inter4alia @lovethehaze @Chibearsv @SigSauer516 (+5) @Ry27 (maybe) @mdido @5thStarChicago @kevpro @Diabolicalpherpher @NewFatMike (+1 Mich) @foursite12 @Inthestix
  2. Chicago Habanos Society (CHS) HERF #2 has been set. CHS welcomes all FoH members to attend our next HERF if you happen to be in Chicago the evening of August 23rd! When: Friday, August 23rd, 2019 Time: 6pm - Midnight Where: Up Down Cigar 1550 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60610 Details: We will start at 6pm and go until Midnight to accommodate all participants. Minimum Purchase: Two Options - Option A: $29 for 2 cigars, our exclusive Hamlet 25th corona and the store's #1 new cigar of 2018, the La Aurora Hors d'Age. They're both fantastic NC cigars for CC smokers and that pricing works out to about 20% off full retail. Option B: $20 worth of cigars. Drinks: Bring your own Drinks! Cigars: Bring your own Cubans! Buck
  3. If you are in the Chicagoland area today, please stop by the Chicago Habanos Society’s (FoH Club) First Ever HERF! Just outside the Chicago city limits to the North of town in Skokie, Illinois (USA). Date: July 27, 2019 Time: 1pm Location: Big Mike's Cigars in Skokie, IL Address: Big Mike's Cigars 8018 Lincoln Ave, Skokie, IL 60077 (847) 675-2447 Specifics: 1. Just confirmed with the manager, Hung, he is a fantastic BOTL! 2. We can bring in our Cuban cigars and smoke them all day and night on the 27th. 3. Everyone is asked to buy a couple of sticks from the humidor as an entrance fee. 4. Or you can just pay a $20 flat fee and smoke your Cubans and buy no sticks if you prefer. 5. You may bring in your own alcohol to drink. 6. They have a large variety of non-alcoholic drinks including coffee that we should all purchase there if we want. 7. I'm guessing we will be there for a while, so no worries if you want to show up a little later. Should be a great time. Looking forward to meeting some of the new CHS crew! Our Club: HERF Probable Attendees: @Habanos2000 @lovethehaze (assuming Baby not yet arrived) @foursite12 @inter4alia @Buck14 @kevpro
  4. So @SigmundChurchill and I got to chatting the other day when I saw that he was from the NY/NJ/Long Island area, and talked about getting together for a smoke maybe somewhere in the city. Then he suggested that we see if we had any other members here who would be interested in meeting up in the city and hitting one of the fine cigar lounges there - maybe the Carnegie Club? If you're in the area and you'd be interested, drop a reply here and lets see if we can figure something out! -Tom
  5. Greetings all. We've got a fellow FOH'r visiting Toronto late September. @encephalization It's been a while since many of us have herfed together, given our city's unfriendly anti-smoking stance. So, weather permitting, there is a good spot we can meet and smoke unmolested (mostly). The Yorkville Rock Park. BYOC and grab a coffee from one of the nearby shops. Let's aim for a 4:30PM start. The map link is above. Here's a few pics to situate yourself. Map. Where we'll be. RSVP via this thread if you're interested.
  6. Hey guys, my names Josh for those of you who haven't seen me post on here a lot. I live in San Diego and due to my daughters medical conditions (She's doing excellent, no worries!) the Navy will not move my family out of the San Diego area. It's a blessing honestly, but what I definitely realize is that I need more friends to smoke cigars with. Anyone in the San Diego area want to setup a HERF for March of 2019? I get back from deployment early 2019 and would love to host a shindig! I've got a rather large third floor patio with a bar and a pool table at my house and I'm more than okay with having some of you over my place. Can comfortably entertain 30 people. (josh.hooper7 on instagram if you guys want to see some pictures) Let me know what you all think, also content with meeting up elsewhere! Cheers guys, looking forward to whichever way the wind blows.
  7. Hi FOH, If you are in the Portland area join me on 4/30 for a Cigar Herf. I can host at my house just outside of Portland off hwy 224 or we could venture into Downtown and hit up El Gaucho or Kells Irish Pub both of which have nice smoking lounges. Please reply if you are interested so I can compile a guest list and have an idea of how many are interested. Maybe we can also get a game of poker going. Happy Wednesday fellas. Thanks!
  8. Guys, let me start with a little background. We own a small cafe on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Global Cafe Neither my wife or I have a background in the food and beverage industry but through some twists of fate we ended up owning a cafe on the lake. We have an amazing view of the lake from our patio, with outside seating for about 20 or so people, as well as about 20 or so inside. We have a beer and wine license with a great selection of craft beers and wines. We also have (very) gourmet coffee with amazing espresso and locally roasted coffees. Enough of the background already... This spring I'd like to host a Herf, and I need some advise as well as maybe a kick in the head as to why we're doing this in the first place! We'll have to close the place down, and make it a private event to comply with smoking rules. With that said, we'll be charging entry for the event. I'm thinking that we should charge about $35 and include none alcoholic drinks and hor de'oeuvres and maybe some entertainment. Charge for beer and wine, and any entrees attendees would want. Advantages, beautiful views of Lake Tahoe while enjoying a cigar or 3, plenty of recreational activities if the family is coming up for the weekend, good food and drinks in an area where people don't smoke in public a lot. Enjoy the BOTL company that comes with sharing a good smoke with friends. Disadvantages, I have no idea how many cigar smokers are local, if anyone would buy a ticket, or if anyone would come up to the lake for the event. Do we loose our ass closing down for an event no one buys a ticket for? Or do it and hope for the best? If you were somewhat local would you buy a ticket? Or enjoy a good cigar at your home? Asking the questions to the FOH mind trust before committing to this type of event. FYI, I design automation systems for heavy industry, mostly mining, and my wife is a corporate accountant, so the hospitality stuff isn't really in our wheelhouse. Thanks for any advice in advance!
  9. We have a couple of cigar groups in Montreal and most of them don't know each other. After speaking with a few other event organizer, we have decided to have an event where everyone could meet. The goal is to have as many cigar smoker meet, share and have a great time Everyone is welcome, 18+ If you are interested in joining us and we are not Facebook friends, send me a PM please! Thursday August 20th, 2015 5:30pm The Scocth Tasting Herf (Bring Your Own Cigars) event on Pub Brewskey's terrasse aims at introducing the aficionados of the different cigar groups (QCA, BOTL, MCC) to each other and to share the passion of cigars. There will be a 5 scotch tasting and presentation by scotch guru Guillaume. Price 55$, everyone is welcome 18+ SOLD OUT!!!! Scotchs: Glengoyne 10 Auchentoshan American Oak Arran Sauternes Finish Benriach Birnie Moss Lagavulin 12
  10. A bunch of us FOH members are getting together at Club Macanudo in NYC because I am there for a long weekend to celebrate my sister's 50th birthday. We are on a trip with 12 of her closest girlfriends and I am going to need a break! So please come on over and bring your favorite cigars. I will be there at 6:30. Not sure if dinner is there or what the night will bring, but we will have a fantastic time. Lisa, CB
  11. Visiting with my sister and a TON of her friends, which is great, but I might need a break from "Sex in the City!" If I can organize a dinner and some time in the Davidoff time I was there it was a dump! Love to see the new one. *****Coming up soon!!*** I want to make a reservation, so let's confirm. Lisa
  12. ANNOUNCEMENT It's been quite some time since the dust settled on the 2014 Toronto MegaHerf. I realized that we did not publicly announce how much money everyone's generosity has raised. If we go back to the 2013 event, we raised $5800 which was a huge increase over the 2012 event. (~$3000) I am therefore proud to announce that we bested our 2013 achievement. In 2014, we raised $7651! (Canadian funds) :clap: :clap: This year we are splitting the funds between the following charities. The Nicaraguan Children's Feeding Mission that our fellow FOH'er Rob Schildt (aka “freefallguy”) lends his time, heartfelt effort, and money to. To find out more about the Children's Feeding Mission, see here. The Lung Kong Association in Havana that benefits Chinese-Cuban immigrants. This is a charity close to the heart of a number of many Canadian FOH members. Each charity will receive $3825 Many thanks to everyone involved. See you next year for our 5th Anniversary.
  13. Hello everyone. My wife and I will be in San Francisco May 16/17, staying at the Fairmont in Union Square. I am wondering if anyone in the area wants to get together for a cigar or 3 in the evening Fri May 16. ( I have no idea if there is anywhere close by to smoke)......EDIT Someone else recommended 850 Montgomery St. Please post up if you want to meet up. Hope to Herf with some fellow botl's! Scott
  14. Here are a few photos from the past weekend (March 21-22) in Montreal for the 2014 HERF: A few of us, after we landed in Montreal from Toronto, headed over to Stogies for a pre_HERF cigar: We then went to dinner at Au Pied du Cochon (forgive me, my french spelling ain't that good); This is the Veal Shoulder (apparently it was for two but the four us barely finished it): About 30 seconds after the plate was served, this is what it looked like: And, maybe about 3 minutes after that, I think we were done: (I swear it went so fast I almost didn't have time to take the shots) After dinner we decided it was time to head over to the HERF proper: Well, that's it for the first night. The next day after a quick breakfast at Nickel's (I know it seems cheesy to Montrealers but we like it) we headed over to the LCDH for a quick coffee and a light smoke. Once we were done with that we all sauntered over to the Rib & Reef (wicked lounge) for some more cigars and such (see below): While at the Rib & Reef we put together a personal tribute to MR. Mons: Art and Simon watching a bit of the hockey game on last night during dinner: Blue Steel: And a few more... A Samuel L. Jackson version of Blue Steel: ...and some more after that... The last two photos are for Art's "special day". Damned if I know what it was but it was his I guess... ...and that's it for the photos...after the Rib we headed back down to the LCDH for the final event of the night, a small gathering for a few of the Friday Herf attendees...and then off to Stogies to have a few more drinks, and the last two/three cigars for the night (I think I went through 19 or 20 over the two days). By this time I decided to give the photo taking a rest and focus on smoking (some of the cigars I smoked can be seen on Instagram, if you so choose under ebhead242)... Hope you enjoyed...until next time, E
  15. A small selection of portraits we captured as part of the recent herd here in Toronto. Considering this was the first time we offered this I would say things ran quite smoothly (much thanks to my assistant Erin!) and we actually ended up using some of the buffer time I had built in to book a few extra sessions. Even though I had to hustle to make this happen I must say that I'm over the moon ith the results. I've shared some of these with fellow photographer friends and they were floored. I hope everyone who ponied up the $ for their own little cigar portrait session feels the same! Big thanks to you all
  16. Hey Guys, Been thinking about having a little get together here at Casa Ginseng in Northern Virginia this summer. A little cigaring, a little drinking, a little grilling. What say you? Are there any folks nearby who might be interested? Ideas? Wilkey
  17. Except we celebrated an "independance" from a rainy and overcast morning. The skies cleared by mid afternoon and come quitting time. It was all sunshine, drinks, cigars and good friends. : From left to right: Hans (das boot), Tom, Lloyd, Frank, Mark, Joe. Not pictured: Art (he was off schmoozing with some friends that came in)
  18. A number of the Czar crew were able to meet up in Phoenix for great conversation and a few good cigars. From left to right: orangedog, maverickdrinker, jacktarnold, Orion, and SurpriseMVP As is typical for a HERF, I smoked all cigars that were gifted or traded... From SurpriseMVP - a nice Boli with great burn and traditional flavors, although it fell short of the 2006. From a BOTL on another board - reminded me of a less pungent version of the Boli 109 German RE - pretty enjoyable: And from maverickdrinker, a 2010 Monte 2 which screamed baker's chocolate: If anyone else would like to post their cigars, feel free. There was one Headly Grange that was smoked for about half an inch before becoming ashtray decoration. Also, we got in right before the Rocky Patel event. Believe me when I say we were ecstatic and all stocked up prior to calling it a night.
  19. Wow... What a weekend ladies and gents. First and Foremost, I want to thank EVERYONE for coming down to Montreal, making this event a huge success. We had BOTL's and SOTL's from Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall, Toronto and New Jersey in our great city over the weekend. As you guys probably seen, pictures are up in a thread Lisa started. Here is a quick recap of what went down...well just the stuff that can be mentioined on an online forum anyways... Friday we had what was dubbed at the Pre-herf for the Pre-herf, or the pre-pre herf. We met up at stogies cigar bar around 2 pm for some smokes. we were about 8-10 people having a cigar, sharing stories and laughter. After that, we went to Ruben's Deli for some world famous montreal smoked meat. If ever you guys go there, have the builders platter, 1 lb of smoked meat on a plate, bread After that, we hit up La casa del Habano for Cigars and Drinks. We had a good group going Friday night and fun was had by all! Saturday, it was the main event. We started off by holding a meet and greet at the hotel Square Phillips. People brought a variety of Rhums, scotches and tequilas to share and drink. This was a great way for everyone to get aquinted and break the ice. Afterwards, we went out for dinner to the Bistro Gourmand Beaver hall. Food was exellent. Then it was stogies. 63 people were at the event at one point in time! We smoked, we drinked, we had a blast. As you saw we had about 32 lots up for auction. Some great cigar samplers in there, Art that was made and donated very generously by BOTL's and SOTL's. All in the name of Charity. As you might know, these herfs, yes we do them to get together and smoke, but the main purpose behind this to raise money for Rob Schildt's (freefallguy) Nicaraguan fund to feed the childeren...and that we did! We raised around 2100$ for the fund!! I will defenilty confirm the final amount once everything is finalized and accounted for. A big big big thank you to everyones generosity, by donating from their personal collection and also bidding on the lots. All in all the event was a huge huge success, and we will defenitly be looking foward to doing the 3rd annual montreal Herf in 2014!
  20. I am Please to announce the Official Montreal Winter Herf 2013 Thread. All the information and Itiniary will be here. Firstly, for those seeing this thread for the first time, We will be hosting a Cigar herf on Saturday March 9th 2013. We will be getting together, eat alot, drink alot, smoke alot, all in the name of Charity. The main purpose of this Herf is to raise funds for Freefallguy's Nircaraguan mission to feed the children. Its a great cause, one that we are proud to support. For hotel Info : The hotel rate is now active for March 8th and 9th. The rate is $139+tx per night for a studio with either a king bed or two double beds. This is the same price as last year even if the hotel prices went up this year. You can see the room specs and pics http://www.squarephi...ouble-beds.html. To book the room please call toll free: 1-866-393-1193 and ask for Genevieve or Louis-Phillipe and tell them you want to book with the MONTREAL HERF. The rate will be valid and guaranteed until February 9th. If you reserve after that day the price might go up and rooms will be subject to the hotel availability. Firstly, for those coming into town Friday March 8th 2013 We will Get together for Dinner At Rubens Deli in the evening and then head of to the LCDH for some cigars and drinks. Main Herf, Saturday March 9th 2013 We will Meet at Hotel Square Phillips at 3 pm for a meet and greet. Same concept as last year. I suggest that guys pair up this year and chip in for a couple of bottles (ie Toronto boys can gang up and buy a few bottles all together and same for montreal and Ottawa boys.) There was a lot of booze left over last year. If you want to contribute a bottle on your own you are more than welcome to as well! After the meet and greet we will head over to Le Bistro Goumand Beaver Hall for dinner at 6 pm. Here is the menu for the evening : herf menu.doc From there, we will head over to stogies, on the 3rd floor for a night of cigars, drinks, laughter and fund raising. Cost : Friday Night will be at your own costs. For Saturday, The total cost of this evening full of fun is 65$. All payments can be made via Email money transfer for the Canadians (use mtl2013 as the secret answer). For the US brothers, Paypal will do, 65$ net in cnd funds please. In both cases, please include your screen name, meal choices (appetizer, main, dessert) and please no mention of the word cigar or cigar dinner in the payment. Both can be sent to [email protected] Payment deadline is THURSDAY FEB. 28TH For those who just want to attend the Herf and forgoe the dinner, the entrance fee will be a 15$ donation to the nicaragua fund and can be payed at the door or emt-paypal. As it has become a tradition for our canadian herfs, we will having call to arms from our botls and sotls for donations for the auctions and fund raiser. There will be a seperate thread for donations. there will be also 2 Cigar raffles, One Premium cigar raffle, One Cheap and cheerfull raffle. One cigar donations gives you one ticket to the raffle. Please Answer in this thread if you plan on attending. There is already a Trade thread for those wanting to plan trades at the herf. We will soon open up the donation thread for the auctions and raffles. We are looking foward to seeing you all in Montreal for what will be a weekend of epic proportions! Montreal Cigar Club.
  21. Attention to All! This is the announcement you've all been waiting for...MONTREAL HERF 2013! This year`s event will be held on March 9th 2013. There will be a pre-herf dinner (yes we will make sure to have steak on the menu this year) then the actual Herf will take place on the private floor of Stogies Cigar Bar. Raffle and auction will be held to raise funds for The Nicaraguan Children's Feeding Mission yet again. We will also do a pre-herf on Friday March 8th for anyone coming into town on that day. Locations, hotel rates and prices still to be determined, but we are trying to work on something special...stay tuned! Last year’s event was a great success, I think everyone had a blast and we raised money for a great cause. We would love to have a great turnout from our Ottawa and Toronto brothers once again. What we would like to know is the following in order to help with the logistics to plan this event: -Are the dates good for you? -Will you be planning on Saturday only or Friday and Saturday -Will you be attending the dinner and the herf or herf only? Please reply in this thread, if you have any questions you can address them here or via PM to myself or Strada (Simon) We are very excited about what is in store for this year and we hope

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