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  1. Buy PSP and never look back. You may also want to look into the Reserve or Gran Reserva releases. Cheers ?
  2. I'm a web developer with nearly a decade of experience. I'd be happy to build you an enterprise grade C# Web Application to play poker and seamlessly integrate into the IPB forum software your using. PM me and we can work out the details. I estimate this project to take roughly 3-4 weeks for the initial product. And an additional week of polish and bug fixing after its released into the wild to all users.
  3. Taking the toy hauler out to the Oregon Coast sand dunes!
  4. Too far to uber. I'm flying into town and do not have a car besides uber or public transportation.
  5. Smh. Called the hotel I am staying at and the only option they have for a smoking area is 20ft from the front doors lol and no where to sit. Keep in mind this is a 5 star hotel downtown Seattle.
  6. Found a place called the Vertigo Club which has indoor smoking and looks pretty nice but is members/invitation only. Ugh!
  7. Wow. No where has a nice balcony you can smoke on with a view either?
  8. I will be in Seattle next week and was wondering if any of you had recommendations for cigar loungue or good places to smoke in the city. Portland has a few so I'd assume Seattle does as well. Thanks FOH!

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