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Found 9 results

  1. I have been going on about the value of Ron Caney Anejo Centuria for years, since Hamlet told me about it in November 2011, that it had been his favourite rum. Every time I visit Havana have have a guy have some bottles ready for me. For the last couple of years he has had a harder time finding it. Last February, there was only one shop that had it that we could find. A supermarket at 12 and Linea in Vedado. They had about 100 bottles on the shelf. For me, it was the best value rum in the world at $7.60 for 7 year old and very very nice. I had been hearing rumblings about discontinuation or repackaging, and I had seen a different package style in Italy. Then last week my worst fears were confirmed They have repackaged it and upped the price by 600% It's a nice tin tube and all but for $42 extra? To be honest a part of me feels vindicated in going on about what great value it was all those years. Mostly, it's sh**e. My favourite rum and rum-deal now costs more than Santiago 11. And if anybody's wondering, it's the same rum. I've done a few side-by-side tastings and can't see a difference at all.
  2. Have any of you guys heard of this rum before? Ron Vacilón. Their website says that the rum was first created in the 50's then ceased production in the 60's and has recently been revived. The international distributor is in Germany and it seems the whole thing has been revived for the German (European) market. The lineup consists of a 3, 5, 7, 15, 18 and 25 year old aged rums. Seems a lot for a brand that just started out again. The ronera is located in Remedios in the heart of Cuba.
  3. Back from Havana, Cuba and this was what I could grab while there. Very awesome trip still downloading pics. Prolly 400+ pics at least! Very excited to go back for festivals in Nov and Feb.
  4. For years now I've enjoyed Cognac, Armagnac and Calvados with cigars but never rum. So....any recommendations/suggestions?
  5. So, I'm thinking of purchasing my first bottle of Zacapa. Do I go for Zacapa 23 or the XO?
  6. Following on from my post about recommended rums, any suggested glassware for drinking it neat or on the rocks? Given that a lot of store is put by rum's nose I was thinking about a brandy snifter or will a whiskey tumbler/rocks glass fit the bill? Again, many thanks in advance for any recommendations...
  7. This removal of the restriction appears to only apply to cigars and Rum purchased in person outside of the US. I wonder what the broader impact will be?
  8. Hey guys, Would like to hear from personal experiences about making homemade spiced rum. Any one tackled it with good results? PS: Question is not about distilling rum but more about making a spice mix to add to your white/gold non spiced rum
  9. Hey Guys, Been thinking about having a little get together here at Casa Ginseng in Northern Virginia this summer. A little cigaring, a little drinking, a little grilling. What say you? Are there any folks nearby who might be interested? Ideas? Wilkey

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