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Found 4 results

  1. I know, this will be wildly subjective, but I'm curious since my aged stock is getting depleted. Tell us what smokes you prefer at sub 24 months old, and which smokes you ALWAYS defer to a minimum 24 months of box age. Give specific box codes if its not too much trouble. For me; SUB 24 MONTHS: Montecristo No. 1 (BUM ABR 15), Montecristo No. 5 (MUL OCT 14), PL Montecarlo (EML JUN 15), and Cuaba Divinos (TOS JUN 16) have been quite good at sub 24 months, though I hope they continue to improve if I can keep my hands off them to let them age - NOT GONNA HAPPEN! Cigars I will seldom touch young, requiring a MINIMUM OF 24 MONTHS of age are most Partagas, but especially the 8-9-8 Varnished (LAU JUN 16) and Lusitanias (no rececnt acquisitions). There is something magical that happens with these vitolas as they cross into the 4-5 year range. From my experience, Lusis continue to develop well past 10 and even 15 years. Recent stock that I think needs more time is JL Seleccion #2 (SEA ABR 16), and RyJ Cazadores (ORG MAR 16) - though I never bought them before so I don't know how long they actually need. The Cazadores seems very flavorful, but a bit wild and inconsistent, so I think another 6-12 months would settle them down. The JL were consistent but very one-dimensional, straight and simple solid tobacco core. It seems to me the JL will open up and evolve a little over time.
  2. Hi All, I am familar with London (to a certain extent), but I will be in England and then Paris, celebrating my 30th birthday with my wife and was wondering if any of you would be so kind as to provide recommendations for cigars bars and/or stores in London, Bath, the Cotswolds(not expecting many here, but thought I would ask), and Paris, I would very much appreciate it. I know that Paris will be less expensive for cigars, but I was thinking of picking up a few UK regional releases while visiting. I would also take recommendations on restaraunts and cocktail bars in the same areas! Thank you in advance! -CLS
  3. Massive discrimination by government continues! In the name of good health, of course! Obese and Smokers Banned From Routine Operations - UK Telegraph
  4. I am Please to announce the Official Montreal Winter Herf 2013 Thread. All the information and Itiniary will be here. Firstly, for those seeing this thread for the first time, We will be hosting a Cigar herf on Saturday March 9th 2013. We will be getting together, eat alot, drink alot, smoke alot, all in the name of Charity. The main purpose of this Herf is to raise funds for Freefallguy's Nircaraguan mission to feed the children. Its a great cause, one that we are proud to support. For hotel Info : The hotel rate is now active for March 8th and 9th. The rate is $139+tx per night for a studio with either a king bed or two double beds. This is the same price as last year even if the hotel prices went up this year. You can see the room specs and pics http://www.squarephi...ouble-beds.html. To book the room please call toll free: 1-866-393-1193 and ask for Genevieve or Louis-Phillipe and tell them you want to book with the MONTREAL HERF. The rate will be valid and guaranteed until February 9th. If you reserve after that day the price might go up and rooms will be subject to the hotel availability. Firstly, for those coming into town Friday March 8th 2013 We will Get together for Dinner At Rubens Deli in the evening and then head of to the LCDH for some cigars and drinks. Main Herf, Saturday March 9th 2013 We will Meet at Hotel Square Phillips at 3 pm for a meet and greet. Same concept as last year. I suggest that guys pair up this year and chip in for a couple of bottles (ie Toronto boys can gang up and buy a few bottles all together and same for montreal and Ottawa boys.) There was a lot of booze left over last year. If you want to contribute a bottle on your own you are more than welcome to as well! After the meet and greet we will head over to Le Bistro Goumand Beaver Hall for dinner at 6 pm. Here is the menu for the evening : herf menu.doc From there, we will head over to stogies, on the 3rd floor for a night of cigars, drinks, laughter and fund raising. Cost : Friday Night will be at your own costs. For Saturday, The total cost of this evening full of fun is 65$. All payments can be made via Email money transfer for the Canadians (use mtl2013 as the secret answer). For the US brothers, Paypal will do, 65$ net in cnd funds please. In both cases, please include your screen name, meal choices (appetizer, main, dessert) and please no mention of the word cigar or cigar dinner in the payment. Both can be sent to [email protected] Payment deadline is THURSDAY FEB. 28TH For those who just want to attend the Herf and forgoe the dinner, the entrance fee will be a 15$ donation to the nicaragua fund and can be payed at the door or emt-paypal. As it has become a tradition for our canadian herfs, we will having call to arms from our botls and sotls for donations for the auctions and fund raiser. There will be a seperate thread for donations. there will be also 2 Cigar raffles, One Premium cigar raffle, One Cheap and cheerfull raffle. One cigar donations gives you one ticket to the raffle. Please Answer in this thread if you plan on attending. There is already a Trade thread for those wanting to plan trades at the herf. We will soon open up the donation thread for the auctions and raffles. We are looking foward to seeing you all in Montreal for what will be a weekend of epic proportions! Montreal Cigar Club.

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