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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all this is my first review on here so here goes ! now first off .. i am not big on flavours..i usually can not drag out multiple flavours in a cigar..either my tastebuds are knackered from drinking to much meths as a kid ..or my brain just isnt good enough...but all i know is i either like the cigar..or i don't ! so anyhow here we have a classic aged punch i have had sitting around for many years..which i love lets see how it is today! COLD DRAW - it tastes like the smell of the cigars in the box..a wonderful woodsy / fungal mushroom flavour......wonderful perfect draw..great start. CONSTRUCTION - not a great wrapper..very lumpy...but no soft spots...very firm...i store them at 65% FIRST THIRD - well to start this a very light cigar so far,...a light hint of caramel....a touch of white pepper through the nose...and a very light oatmeal/ biscuit in the background. as i approach the 2nd third the white pepper has ramped up a touch mainly through the nose...hardly any sweet notes to talk of..the burn line has been great i must add. 2ND THIRD - aaahh ...the honey is back..the white pepper is still here ...this is a medium bodied cigar at best so far...the oatmeal flavour is still here ...the honey/caramel flavour is coming from the wrapper..its coating my lips with now a little becoming very leather/woodsy as i approach the final third. FINAL THIRD - the caramel/honey is still here but on the wrapper, i am disappointed not to have tasted more biscuit/shortcake/oatmeal which seems to of disappeared sadly for me. it is still very woody with white pepper across my tongue,... it is getting stronger now ..there is a strong dark espresso coming through...oh hang on!...the caramel is now here and coating my mouth..wonderful !! this is unexpected which is working very well with the bitter espresso element in the cigar. ...its now full bodied and coming to its end. conclusion- i enjoyed the smoke although it wasnt the best example from the box i have had.. a nice journey though on a sunday morning...and still plenty of life in the cigars yet. 93 points.
  2. Hello chaps, Thanks for the acceptance and please accept my warm regards from across the pond. Originally from Greece but residing in Her Majesty's glorious island for the past half decade. I've been a cuban cigar smoker for the past 10 years with a particular interest to cubans (why would I be in this forum otherwise...). Really looking forward into participating to your discussions. Cheers, Thanos
  3. Hello botl and sotl, Thank you for having me. I have to admit that I have been lurking for years. I figured it was time to come out of the shadows. I first began smoking cigars back in '91. I still remember my first cigar: a Bances. I loved those tubed cigars and used to actively seek them out. I graduated to a pipe in '93 and still enjoy the odd puff, but it tends to be more in the wintertime. In early 2002 a friend introduced me to the world of online cigar purchases. I made a few purchases from Uncle Mikey's and then I was introduced to a few online Cuban suppliers. I quickly fell down the rabbit hole ordering desktop humidor after desktop humidor to store all the cigars I was ordering. I quickly realized that this wasn't practical and have been rocking the coolerdors ever since. I'm jam packed right now but I'm happy to report that the walkin humidor is coming this year. I purchased $10k worth of Cuban cigars for the first few years, smoking everything almost as fast as I was ordering. It took the birth of my daughter to slow down. But like you all know, you can slow down but not ever completely get away from your vice and hobby. I only smoke Cuban cigars now and usually one a day. Weekends are when I'll have multiple cigars. I'm sitting on the Andaman Sea and I thought this would be a great time to make my first post. I'm enjoying a Hoyo Epi #2 as I write this post. JW Marriott has always allowed me to order to the hotel so that I can collect my purchases for my holidays. Upon arrival here in Thailand, I had HU Mag 46's, Monte Medio Coro's, PSD4's, Punch Punches, Hoyo Epi Especial, and Hoyo Epi #2's, waiting for me. I grabbed a bottle of Highland Park Einar on the way through Hong Kong and I enjoy a cigar and scotch every night. holiday time. Who doesn't!?! I love scouring tobacco shops while on holiday for gems. I found some old SLR Petite Coronas in Aix-en-Province last year and promptly bought them all. My favourite cigar ever was a Cuban Davidoff Mille Series 1000 that I smoked at JJ Fox in London. It was complete perfection. Feel free to visit my reviews at . I try to use this website so I can keep track of everything I smoke but there are many missing entries. Duplicate entries are only made when there's a difference from a previously smoked cigar. On a personal level, I'm from Vancouver, Canada. I came to Canada at the youthful age of 6 months old , from Perth, Australia. I'm married and have a 9 year old daughter. I'm a currency trader and I'm over 16 years into my career. I have a Norwich Terrier whom I love to death, named Eddie after the lead singer of Pearl Jam. I am a proud and staunch supporter of Tottenham Hotspur. Don't hold that against me. My great grandmother lived a few blocks from White Hart Lane. My family is from the area and I was born into it, just like my daughter. To me, life is family, cigars, fine drinks, and the friends that make it all so worthwhile. I hope you all smoke in good health and have the ability to enjoy all that life has to offer. Thank you again for having me. Feel free to reach out anytime. Jay
  4. A very dear friend of mine gifted these Tobacco leaves and Custom Rolls from Pinar Del Rio to me on Monday......Thought I would share with the Community. Enjoy.......
  5. Hello pals, my name is Martin and I am from Austria in Europe. I am 28 years old and a cigar aficionado since about 2010. It was one of the best decisions in my life! I live in the southern part of Austria. The region is called Styria and is affectionately called the green heart of Austria. Because there are so many trees, mountains (among others the alps) and beautiful lakes. I only smoke Cuban cigars. My favorite brands are: Partagas, H. Upmann and Bolivar. In any case, I like cigars with spicy and earthy flavors. At home I have two humidors, where I store my treasures. Now I am pleased to be a part of ths FOH community. Other hobbies of mine: travel the world, hiking, running, reading, good food and local wines. Best regards, Martin
  6. Wow... What a weekend ladies and gents. First and Foremost, I want to thank EVERYONE for coming down to Montreal, making this event a huge success. We had BOTL's and SOTL's from Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall, Toronto and New Jersey in our great city over the weekend. As you guys probably seen, pictures are up in a thread Lisa started. Here is a quick recap of what went down...well just the stuff that can be mentioined on an online forum anyways... Friday we had what was dubbed at the Pre-herf for the Pre-herf, or the pre-pre herf. We met up at stogies cigar bar around 2 pm for some smokes. we were about 8-10 people having a cigar, sharing stories and laughter. After that, we went to Ruben's Deli for some world famous montreal smoked meat. If ever you guys go there, have the builders platter, 1 lb of smoked meat on a plate, bread After that, we hit up La casa del Habano for Cigars and Drinks. We had a good group going Friday night and fun was had by all! Saturday, it was the main event. We started off by holding a meet and greet at the hotel Square Phillips. People brought a variety of Rhums, scotches and tequilas to share and drink. This was a great way for everyone to get aquinted and break the ice. Afterwards, we went out for dinner to the Bistro Gourmand Beaver hall. Food was exellent. Then it was stogies. 63 people were at the event at one point in time! We smoked, we drinked, we had a blast. As you saw we had about 32 lots up for auction. Some great cigar samplers in there, Art that was made and donated very generously by BOTL's and SOTL's. All in the name of Charity. As you might know, these herfs, yes we do them to get together and smoke, but the main purpose behind this to raise money for Rob Schildt's (freefallguy) Nicaraguan fund to feed the childeren...and that we did! We raised around 2100$ for the fund!! I will defenilty confirm the final amount once everything is finalized and accounted for. A big big big thank you to everyones generosity, by donating from their personal collection and also bidding on the lots. All in all the event was a huge huge success, and we will defenitly be looking foward to doing the 3rd annual montreal Herf in 2014!
  7. I am Please to announce the Official Montreal Winter Herf 2013 Thread. All the information and Itiniary will be here. Firstly, for those seeing this thread for the first time, We will be hosting a Cigar herf on Saturday March 9th 2013. We will be getting together, eat alot, drink alot, smoke alot, all in the name of Charity. The main purpose of this Herf is to raise funds for Freefallguy's Nircaraguan mission to feed the children. Its a great cause, one that we are proud to support. For hotel Info : The hotel rate is now active for March 8th and 9th. The rate is $139+tx per night for a studio with either a king bed or two double beds. This is the same price as last year even if the hotel prices went up this year. You can see the room specs and pics http://www.squarephi...ouble-beds.html. To book the room please call toll free: 1-866-393-1193 and ask for Genevieve or Louis-Phillipe and tell them you want to book with the MONTREAL HERF. The rate will be valid and guaranteed until February 9th. If you reserve after that day the price might go up and rooms will be subject to the hotel availability. Firstly, for those coming into town Friday March 8th 2013 We will Get together for Dinner At Rubens Deli in the evening and then head of to the LCDH for some cigars and drinks. Main Herf, Saturday March 9th 2013 We will Meet at Hotel Square Phillips at 3 pm for a meet and greet. Same concept as last year. I suggest that guys pair up this year and chip in for a couple of bottles (ie Toronto boys can gang up and buy a few bottles all together and same for montreal and Ottawa boys.) There was a lot of booze left over last year. If you want to contribute a bottle on your own you are more than welcome to as well! After the meet and greet we will head over to Le Bistro Goumand Beaver Hall for dinner at 6 pm. Here is the menu for the evening : herf menu.doc From there, we will head over to stogies, on the 3rd floor for a night of cigars, drinks, laughter and fund raising. Cost : Friday Night will be at your own costs. For Saturday, The total cost of this evening full of fun is 65$. All payments can be made via Email money transfer for the Canadians (use mtl2013 as the secret answer). For the US brothers, Paypal will do, 65$ net in cnd funds please. In both cases, please include your screen name, meal choices (appetizer, main, dessert) and please no mention of the word cigar or cigar dinner in the payment. Both can be sent to [email protected] Payment deadline is THURSDAY FEB. 28TH For those who just want to attend the Herf and forgoe the dinner, the entrance fee will be a 15$ donation to the nicaragua fund and can be payed at the door or emt-paypal. As it has become a tradition for our canadian herfs, we will having call to arms from our botls and sotls for donations for the auctions and fund raiser. There will be a seperate thread for donations. there will be also 2 Cigar raffles, One Premium cigar raffle, One Cheap and cheerfull raffle. One cigar donations gives you one ticket to the raffle. Please Answer in this thread if you plan on attending. There is already a Trade thread for those wanting to plan trades at the herf. We will soon open up the donation thread for the auctions and raffles. We are looking foward to seeing you all in Montreal for what will be a weekend of epic proportions! Montreal Cigar Club.
  8. Attention to All! This is the announcement you've all been waiting for...MONTREAL HERF 2013! This year`s event will be held on March 9th 2013. There will be a pre-herf dinner (yes we will make sure to have steak on the menu this year) then the actual Herf will take place on the private floor of Stogies Cigar Bar. Raffle and auction will be held to raise funds for The Nicaraguan Children's Feeding Mission yet again. We will also do a pre-herf on Friday March 8th for anyone coming into town on that day. Locations, hotel rates and prices still to be determined, but we are trying to work on something special...stay tuned! Last year’s event was a great success, I think everyone had a blast and we raised money for a great cause. We would love to have a great turnout from our Ottawa and Toronto brothers once again. What we would like to know is the following in order to help with the logistics to plan this event: -Are the dates good for you? -Will you be planning on Saturday only or Friday and Saturday -Will you be attending the dinner and the herf or herf only? Please reply in this thread, if you have any questions you can address them here or via PM to myself or Strada (Simon) We are very excited about what is in store for this year and we hope

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