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  1. I found this reliable site that has 1, 3, 5 finger cigar bags for an excellent price ( USA only bc of shipping) Thought I'd share it with the group. Hope it helps?
  2. Greetings. It's that time of year again. CA has completed their yearly list. Time for ours. I've selected a sampling of the most recent releases, minus the special humidors. Those are too esoteric and hard to get. The poll focuses on the regular, EL, Reserva, GR and various LCDH offerings. Criteria is as follows: Please fill out the poll before it closes on Jan 2, 2020. You can select multiple choices in the poll as well.
  3. Brand new fresh as 50 cab ..and I know these are gonna be WAY to young to smoke,..but hey you have to try them to see whats going down!… FIRST IMPRESSIONS - well first off, the smell from the box is ..well hmm NEW as expected .very light barnyard smell and a touch of ammonia mixed with a woody (probably the box) scent. Light Claro wrapper with a slight oily sheen. DRY DRAW - pretty much what is coming from the box in the above comment. FIRST THIRD - very creamy from the kick off. Light cedar hit definitely has some ammonia in the cigar as expected, the last third will batter me I can tell with nicotine. SECOND THIRD - pretty much the same as above…nothing really to write home about. But there is a lot of oil in this cigar that I can see bubble when I have re lit…so a good sign there. Lots of smoke ..and the ash is very flakey with an un even burn line due to youth. FINAL THIRD - woodiness with a light tea character …and bosh ……BIG NICOTINE HIT..I NEED A LIE DOWN. SUMMARY - way too young as expected!…they will go to the back of my cellar for another 3-4 years before I go back for another taste - 85 points might get to 93-4 by then.
  4. Hello guys i bought these but something smells fishy can you tell if fake by the photo? Since i dont have any experience about cigars yhanks
  5. Though our various branches of governments continue to make tobacco enjoyment miserable and costly, there is evidence that things used to be better. A while back I looked at some of the digital archives of the Toronto Public Library and found these gems. If anyone has any details to add, please forward them to me and I will edit them. 1881-1885 John Thorpe Cigars. (Business Card) This is the oldest reference I could find. The original building is lone gone and has housed the old Toronto City Hall for quite some time. 1935 Samuel Davis Cigar store (Bathurt and Dundas St) 1944 - Winston Churchill visits Quebec 1963 - Hermanos Rea (Toronto Cigar factory on Gilead Place E. Looks like original building still intact) 1967 - Frank Correnti (shop with his name still survives) 1967 - Reginald Fowler (Shop name unclear) Pretty good old picture. You can make out some of the names of the Cuban marcas that don't seem to be listed on CCW. Possible stock left over from Pre-Embargo days? Por Larranaga - Perfectos Por Larranaga - Almurantes Por Larranaga - Cetros Partagas - Tropicales 1976 Correntis (Iris C (Correnti?) and Louis Rosen) 1980 - Phil Ruman (Shopsy's Deli) and Cuban Roller (name unknown) 1982 Thomas Hinds Havana Factory (not sure if it's people form Thomas Hinds' shop visiting a factory or if they had one) 1983 Correnti Machine made cigars. 1983 Shopsys Deli owner Philip Rutman 1987 - Kai and John Miller (associated with Correnti's. Not sure who "Kai" is) 1989 - Havana House store room 1992 - Roller Augustin Hernandez Diaz rolling at Havana House Unknown date (Pre 1900 I'd say) Business/advertising card for cigar shop.
  6. Not a great deal of love for these sticks really…but I think they are so underrated . They usually have this wonderful salty nature to them..this is an 08’ box which I have recently opened and so far they have been very very nice, lets see if this one is of the same calibre ! DRY DRAW - very open ..a bit to open for my liking I prefer a slight just means I have to slow up so that I don’t over heat things. CONSTRUCTION- very good..this is a firm stick with no soft spots .there is also a slight box press too. FIRST THIRD - nice opening of toasted tobacco and leathery elements. Very slight white pepper through the nose. No sweetness or saltiness to talk off yet. As I approach the second third the oaty flavour has a arrived or a biscuit flavour maybe..but its very nice. SECOND THIRD - well its settled down nicely ..the salt from the wrapper is wonderful mixing now with a slight caramel flavour fabulous combo!..this so far is a medium bodied cigar. As I come to the end of this third the caramel has disappeared and the leather is back along with some cedar flavours. FINAL THIRD- the woodiness is the most dominant flavour now along with toasted tobacco .but if you don’t go through the nose you miss out on so much..through the nose the biscuit flavour is hidden. CONCLUSION - Hmm..TBH ..not great..infact rather disappointing it was getting to dark for me at the death..nicotine was coming out which wasn’t good for me ..the worst one from this box so far - 89 points
  7. I have to say these are without doubt one of THE most underrated cigars on the market for me, with a couple of years age on them ..they are superb ..and the best bit…they are CHEAP !! supposedly discontinued in 2012 but still about! Its a Lonsdale size which is perfect for me. COLD DRAW - slight woody/cedar taste with some floral bread/toast notes…slight tug I have punched this stick..but its a good draw. the cigar has oily complexion or a mottled look to it with a well packed foot. FIRST THIRD - nice opening of a honey sweetness and wait for surprise toasted tobacco moving onto a wonderful biscuit character which I adore in cigars. SECOND THIRD - the biscuit element is still here along with the sweetness there is now an arrival of a mild white pepper and slight saltiness from the wrapper which combined with the honey is a fabulous flavour .there is also a slight citrus taste on the tip of my tongue whether it lasts we shall see. FINAL THIRD - honey has now turned t burnt caramel there is as expected a bitterness arriving but it wrks well with sweetness to make it into a espresso flavour…the biscuit element has all but gone as we arrive at its end where its now just bitter where everything has condensed at one end. CONCLUSION - I am never let down by these they are not strong or complex ..but medium bodied at best. the flavours are great. and two to three years on these is about right I find - 94 points
  8. So here we have for review for a la corona petit caronas from 1991. these were a machine made cigar that were restarted around 1989 for the eastern bloc countries, they were distributed to Hungary and Bulgaria etc. they are not the prettiest of cigar i must say, a very lumpy wrapper with a lot of discolouration ..but the smell of the cigars in the box is of a dried fruit reminiscent to dried raisins . DRY DRAW - perfect draw just a slight 'tug' and a faint aroma of the dried fruit ..interesting. FIRST THIRD - straight off -sweet honey in the smoke and on the wrapper, slight white pepper through the nose that has long finish with lots of dense smoke. nice even burn line nothing else to talk of really. SECOND THIRD - the sweetness is still there that has turned from a honey to a burnt caramel flavour. the pepper is still there through the nose and across my tongue ..very long finish with the pepper. i cant taste the fruit aspect that was coming from box..perhaps that is the sweetness i am tasting. but in all honesty...not much change! FINAL THIRD - the caramel is still there along with the pepper...still the finish is long with the pepper up to 60 seconds before it disperses ..shed loads of smoke jeez i havent had such a smoked filled room in ages!..unreal..tbh i havent had one of these in a long time so its hard to remember if the box is consistent . CONCLUSION - not much change throughout..consistant with its flavours earthy at its i stopped at the band. - 90 points
  9. Hi all this is my first review on here so here goes ! now first off .. i am not big on flavours..i usually can not drag out multiple flavours in a cigar..either my tastebuds are knackered from drinking to much meths as a kid ..or my brain just isnt good enough...but all i know is i either like the cigar..or i don't ! so anyhow here we have a classic aged punch i have had sitting around for many years..which i love lets see how it is today! COLD DRAW - it tastes like the smell of the cigars in the box..a wonderful woodsy / fungal mushroom flavour......wonderful perfect draw..great start. CONSTRUCTION - not a great wrapper..very lumpy...but no soft spots...very firm...i store them at 65% FIRST THIRD - well to start this a very light cigar so far,...a light hint of caramel....a touch of white pepper through the nose...and a very light oatmeal/ biscuit in the background. as i approach the 2nd third the white pepper has ramped up a touch mainly through the nose...hardly any sweet notes to talk of..the burn line has been great i must add. 2ND THIRD - aaahh ...the honey is back..the white pepper is still here ...this is a medium bodied cigar at best so far...the oatmeal flavour is still here ...the honey/caramel flavour is coming from the wrapper..its coating my lips with now a little becoming very leather/woodsy as i approach the final third. FINAL THIRD - the caramel/honey is still here but on the wrapper, i am disappointed not to have tasted more biscuit/shortcake/oatmeal which seems to of disappeared sadly for me. it is still very woody with white pepper across my tongue,... it is getting stronger now ..there is a strong dark espresso coming through...oh hang on!...the caramel is now here and coating my mouth..wonderful !! this is unexpected which is working very well with the bitter espresso element in the cigar. ...its now full bodied and coming to its end. conclusion- i enjoyed the smoke although it wasnt the best example from the box i have had.. a nice journey though on a sunday morning...and still plenty of life in the cigars yet. 93 points.
  10. I'm going away on vacation in a couple of weeks, and I wanted to bring a big cigar with me to smoke on my last night at the resort. I have smoked the RyJ Churchill and thought it was just ok. I have smoked the HUSW and thought it was sublime. However this is the extent of my experience with Churchills and Double Coronas. So, my question to you FOH community, is which of the BIG BOYS would you reach for first? To level the playing field, let's say current regular production and nothing with more than 2 years of box age.
  11. I like a "Punch" as I tend to get less "tobacco" in my mouth and I think its a shame to waste that triple cap! Curious what everyone else uses? Tried to do a "poll" but never could get it to work.
  12. Howdy. I know of many, many USA BOTL who have good air purifiers like the Rabbit Air, and the Lightning Air... but there's next to no information for purifiers for Australian cigar smokers. Sure, there's a bunch of air purifiers that have Australian plugs and can work on 240v/50Hz, but I don't know if they're any good for us cigar smokers in Australia. So I'm asking for a recommendation for cigar smokers in Australia who have an air purifier that actually works, and eliminates stale cigar smoke smell. I have no budget, and am looking for suggestions. All suggestions and advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  13. A couple of months ago I was in Geneva Switzerland at Gerard Cigars, I bought a couple of Vintage Habanos. Started to smoke a Saint Luis Rey Churchill, great white ash, straight burn, I was very proud of the long ash this great Cigar was producing. All of a sudden the same persona that sold me this great Habano, told me that leaving the Ash in exchange for the Instagram Picture was a great mistake. Since according to him, the Long Ash changes the taste and flavor of any Habano. According to him, only 1-2 inches should be allowed in order to have the pure taste of the Habano. So last night a couple of friends and myself were smoking cigars, and they were competing for longest cigar ash, I told them about the advice I received from one of the employees of Gerard Cigars, but basically they blew me off and said it was complete nonsense. Would appreciate fellow Habanos Smokers comments, since there has to be some Science behind this theories.
  14. Hello my friends I have a question. I'm interested in buying a gold or silver cigar band ring. Not sure where to find these at and well.. I got fat hand/fingers got fat so my wedding band doesn't fit anymore and I ask wife if that would be a good wedding band.... ? she said yes so I'm trying to find someone that makes them. Thanks. Robert Rogers
  15. Was at an Antique market last weekend and scoured the booths looking for cigar stuff. Didn't find too much, but I did grab a few goodies. First off. 1 full and 1 partial cigar mold. The vendor picked up 37 pairs in Germany recently and stated these are from te 1902 - 1905 time frame. I picked up the last of what she had. Partial mold. Front view. 10 slots for figurado style panatelas judging from the size. \ Back view. Not much to look at. You can make out a groove where the vice made contact with the wood when the cigars were pressed. Side View: The word "Peters" is legible. Can't make out the rest ATM. Intact pair. Exact same sized vitola. Slightly different dimentions overall and only 1 peg/hole combo. Also found this old Italian Toscano box. Imported by a company in Montreal. Based on the tax stamp I'd estimate these are from 1935 onwards. Final thoughts. I've always wanted some cigar molds. I'd love to get Cuban ones but I have never seen them on the market. It seems that the inventory available is mostly American or European Clear Havana era molds. Of note. These things STINK. They have a strong, dusty, musty cigar box odor to them. In between some of the slots I scraped out dried, shards of tobacco leaf. I imagine they must have been used 100's, 1000's of times? Therefore they must be loaded with tobacco oils. I gave them a wash and scrub in some warm, soapy water. I was using a light abrasive pad and then finished it with paper towels. There were gross greenish/brown stains coming off of it. In the back of my mind I was hoping that I wasn't releasing dormant Spanish Flu spores or bacteria. After drying them with paper towels I bandished them to the garage to air dry. While they still have some aroma to them, it is far less nasty and so far. No Spanish Flu. If cigar molds are on your radar. Beware of the condition you find them in. Depending on where and how they stored could affect their "appeal". Definitely give them a wash.
  16. Looking for some cigar gifts for some buddies of mine. Bought them some Lotus torches that have already fallen apart. Cigars would be great, of course, but I'm not sure they both have humidors. Wondering if there is something durable and cool that I haven't thought about. Thanks!
  17. Was poking around last night and gathered up a few interesting links. Some of these go way back to a time when tobacco/cigars were a huge part of the economy. Some samples below and of course you can do your own searches. Want to know how much raw tobacco it takes to make N quantity of cigars? This one is for you. Knollenberg's tables for the use of cigar manufacturers and cigar makers by Knollenberg, William E. [from old catalog] Published 1896 LINK Employment of Women in Industries: Cigar-Making: Its History and Present Tendencies by Abbott, Edith Published January 1, 1907 LINK For you maduro cigar lovers. Tobacco curing and resweating for quality and dark colors. A practical hand-book for cigar manufacturers and leaf dealers who are licensed to use the patents of Charles S. Philips .. by Philips, Charles S. [from old catalog] Published 1882 LINK Cigar makers' official journal by Cigar Makers' International Union of America Published 1875 LINK Curing and Fermentation of Cigar Leaf Tobacco by Oscar Loew, i.e . Carl Benedikt Oscar Loew Published 1899 LINK The US Library of Congress has a lot of online collections as well. The site is a bit buggy right now but I've found complete books, photos, ads, artwork that were cigar related in the past. Search via this link ->
  18. I am living Vietnam, I like Cohiba cigars and Padron, I always smoke cigar at morning with my friends. I write all of cigar, how to smoke, how to roll,.... Good luck for all!!!
  19. Our good friend Hamlet Paredes has placed #23 in Cigar Journal's Top 25 of 2016 with his Tabaquero Toro. That is a huge achievement! Congratulations Hermano! Hamlet at #23
  20. So this is the sitch... Basically I want a really nice corner in my kitchen that will have both wine and cigars. From the research I've done, I can get split-temperature fridges, but this is much more focused at the wine enthusiast, and has limitations (such as humidity control only available at cellaring temperatures - 12-14c). In the long-run, I think I'll need 2 separate, small wine fridges, one of which I could convert for cigar use, one stacked on top of the other. This would be a great piece for the kitchen and look amazing. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can accomplish all of this with 2 small units? I'd prefer that both units are the same model.
  21. Evening... Heading to Toronto tomorrow for 3 days. I've been a fair amount but usually never have time to kill. Other than La Casa Del Habano and Thomas Hinds I don't really "shop around" or know too many shops. A quick internet search shows many more but in some of the reviews I see things like "great hookah selection" along with pictures of "water pipes" which makes me usually steer clear of some. Maybe unfounded? Looks like Metro Cigar might be a good place to visit...any others that I should see for selection and/or price? Also best cigar friendly upscale bar/restaurant? Thanks in advance to all who reply!
  22. Hi guys. I'm looking to splurge a bit and buy my first regional box. What would you recommend? Por Larranaga Belicosos Extra? Saint Luis Rey Pacificos? Juan Lopez #4? or Punch Sabrosos??? How are they lately?
  23. Some people say there is no sick period for cigars right now. You can smoke directly from the box, and some say you need to wait at least 3 years to smoke a cigar. What do you think about it and what is your experiences about it?

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