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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm going to be in New York next weekend and will have a few precious hours to occupy myself whilst Mrs Hedgeybaby goes to some shops that I have zero interest in. We will mostly be in Brooklyn and wondered if any of you had any thoughts about the place. I know that there has been some previous posts about the place in the past, but would be interested if anyone has any recent thoughts. Is it still Bring-your-own-bottle? Cheers,
  2. So @SigmundChurchill and I got to chatting the other day when I saw that he was from the NY/NJ/Long Island area, and talked about getting together for a smoke maybe somewhere in the city. Then he suggested that we see if we had any other members here who would be interested in meeting up in the city and hitting one of the fine cigar lounges there - maybe the Carnegie Club? If you're in the area and you'd be interested, drop a reply here and lets see if we can figure something out! -Tom
  3. Next week I will be heading to NYC for my yearly spring/birthday pilgrimage. I wanted to know if there was any new or recommended cigar lounges that I might have missed. I am still sad my go to spot, Velvet lounge, closed down. BYOB and BYOC it was amazing but also cost me a Dupont lighter in a drunken evening with locals... I have been to: Circa Tabac Bar & Books (I like the Hudson one) Davidoff Carnagie Cigar Inn (during the day it is cool as it isn't too packed) I am open to suggestions and advice. Also, I doubt I will have time to meet up with anyone this time around as Eve got us on a pretty tight museums and galleries schedules Much obliged
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forum. Been smoking premium cigars on and off for almost 25 years. It's pretty hard to find a good place in NYC to smoke after all the bans. Looking forward to catching up on posts and making aquantices. BP99
  5. Visiting with my sister and a TON of her friends, which is great, but I might need a break from "Sex in the City!" If I can organize a dinner and some time in the Davidoff time I was there it was a dump! Love to see the new one. *****Coming up soon!!*** I want to make a reservation, so let's confirm. Lisa

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