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  1. Leasewise, yes I can. But obviously I don't want to be disturbing my neighbors. Its more of a case I want to know how the bloody smoke is getting there.
  2. Thank you for all of your replies. Six months left on the lease and we are planning on getting a house somewhere outside of Toronto. Here's some snippets from the letter received: It poses a very concerning health threat to all of us and is causing headaches and itchy throats. The smell is strong enough that it comes from the kitchen as far as our bedrooms and makes the kitchen unusable when the smell is present. The smoke and toxic smell coming from the vents, fill out our unit every night and it becomes intolerable. We are extremely concerned about it as it can potentially be a health hazard.
  3. Many of us worry about complaints from our better halves regarding the smell of cigars. I however am extremely lucky in that regard as my wife generally doesn't have an issue. Sadly my neighbors do and I have just had a visit from the building security. Can anyone help with any recommendations of how to Cigar proof an apartment? I'm not sure who complained but how can the smell get into other's units?
  4. Thank you for the recommendation. Sounds excellent and looking forward to playing it on my hifi.
  5. My first ever Cuban. I used to smoke these regularly in the Cigar bar that used to be attached to Floridita in Soho.
  6. Just proof that Trudeau has produced a booming economy for one and all :)
  7. A UK pack of Benson and Hedges from the United Kingdom. Pre and post plain packaging.
  8. Notice that these pre rolled spliffs from the government's Ontario Cannabis Store are allowed minimum branding
  9. This is what packaging for cannabis looks like from the government's Ontario Cannabis Store looks like.
  10. Congratulations. I know you guys have put in a lot of work to make this happen. It's going to be great.
  11. " I don't think the UK is politically equipped to set-up such environment that will attract the level of finance or goods and services that Switzerland already has established over decades." Have you ever been to London?
  12. Brexit is actually more libertarian than nationalist.

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