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Found 8 results

  1. Though our various branches of governments continue to make tobacco enjoyment miserable and costly, there is evidence that things used to be better. A while back I looked at some of the digital archives of the Toronto Public Library and found these gems. If anyone has any details to add, please forward them to me and I will edit them. 1881-1885 John Thorpe Cigars. (Business Card) This is the oldest reference I could find. The original building is lone gone and has housed the old Toronto City Hall for quite some time. 1935 Samuel Davis Cigar store (Bathurt and Dundas St) 1944 - Winston Churchill visits Quebec 1963 - Hermanos Rea (Toronto Cigar factory on Gilead Place E. Looks like original building still intact) 1967 - Frank Correnti (shop with his name still survives) 1967 - Reginald Fowler (Shop name unclear) Pretty good old picture. You can make out some of the names of the Cuban marcas that don't seem to be listed on CCW. Possible stock left over from Pre-Embargo days? Por Larranaga - Perfectos Por Larranaga - Almurantes Por Larranaga - Cetros Partagas - Tropicales 1976 Correntis (Iris C (Correnti?) and Louis Rosen) 1980 - Phil Ruman (Shopsy's Deli) and Cuban Roller (name unknown) 1982 Thomas Hinds Havana Factory (not sure if it's people form Thomas Hinds' shop visiting a factory or if they had one) 1983 Correnti Machine made cigars. 1983 Shopsys Deli owner Philip Rutman 1987 - Kai and John Miller (associated with Correnti's. Not sure who "Kai" is) 1989 - Havana House store room 1992 - Roller Augustin Hernandez Diaz rolling at Havana House Unknown date (Pre 1900 I'd say) Business/advertising card for cigar shop.
  2. Greetings all. We've got a fellow FOH'r visiting Toronto late September. @encephalization It's been a while since many of us have herfed together, given our city's unfriendly anti-smoking stance. So, weather permitting, there is a good spot we can meet and smoke unmolested (mostly). The Yorkville Rock Park. BYOC and grab a coffee from one of the nearby shops. Let's aim for a 4:30PM start. The map link is above. Here's a few pics to situate yourself. Map. Where we'll be. RSVP via this thread if you're interested.
  3. As fortune would have it, Hamlet has landed in Toronto and will be in town for a few days. He was supposed to be in Nicaragua but given the tense situation down there, he was redirected up here. He co-headlined an event with a couple of other NC brand reps in town at a local B&M which happily is 10 mins away from my house. I had the opportunity to try a robusto from his new 25th Year release, And though I do not smoke many NC's, this one was a really pleasant departure from what I remember when I used to. I enjoy and still smoke his Tabaquero line now and then but I find this one aligns more with my Cuban cigar trained palate. Overall, it was medium bodied and had some very good flavour transitions. Couple that with a good draw and razor sharp burn line and you have a recipe for an enjoyable smoke. I picked up a couple of the other vitolas to see what they're about too. It was great to see him looking healthy and happy and as usual, he regaled us with entertaining stories throughout the night. If you ever get a chance to meet him at your local B&M or trade show, do so.
  4. Evening... Heading to Toronto tomorrow for 3 days. I've been a fair amount but usually never have time to kill. Other than La Casa Del Habano and Thomas Hinds I don't really "shop around" or know too many shops. A quick internet search shows many more but in some of the reviews I see things like "great hookah selection" along with pictures of "water pipes" which makes me usually steer clear of some. Maybe unfounded? Looks like Metro Cigar might be a good place to visit...any others that I should see for selection and/or price? Also best cigar friendly upscale bar/restaurant? Thanks in advance to all who reply!
  5. trebicchieri2016 We went to an excellent wine tasting last night. It featured Italian wines only and was run by the Italian magazine Gambero Rosso which covers wines and food from Italy. This is our second time attending. Their last event was in 2014 IIRC. These two beauties were inside the entrance. The food table was packed with goodies but people took way too long to at the various stations. A bit of a lull in the back portion of the room. A couple of standouts. The Amarone was the best of the night for us. The Franciacorta's we tried were outstanding. Sadly. None were available for sale in our crappy liquor monopoly stores nor via special order. Fortunately, I went back for an extra pour or two. FIN
  6. Hey everyone, Been a long time fan of the FriendsOfHabanos YouTube channel and recently discovered the forum after hearing Rob mentioned it in several videos. Beyond excited to have an awesome cigar community like this. Thanks for letting me into the family!!
  7. Hey guys, I am looking for a place in Toronto where I can meet up with some buddies to eat, have some drinks and smoke a stick or two on a patio (preferably heated). Apparently the Drake no longer allows cigars on their rooftop patio, other than that it would have been excellent. Any recommendations?
  8. Except we celebrated an "independance" from a rainy and overcast morning. The skies cleared by mid afternoon and come quitting time. It was all sunshine, drinks, cigars and good friends. : From left to right: Hans (das boot), Tom, Lloyd, Frank, Mark, Joe. Not pictured: Art (he was off schmoozing with some friends that came in)

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