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  1. This will be an awesome addition to my modest cigar book collection. Thank you! I've pledged and can't wait to see the progress.
  2. I'd have to say Superman 3, 4 were rather odious...Superman 2 was a worthy sequel (although I can also say 1 and 2 were one movie).
  3. Are you more magnetic or less because of your two separate doses?
  4. First pfizer jab last Friday (May 14th). Next one September. No real side effects, sore where the needle went and a slight scratchy throat the next morning. I did find out that I won't be getting the 5G chip until the second jab...disappointing in a way, as I was hoping to ditch the mobile as soon as I got it.
  5. I remember that....glorious cigar. as was the company and the entertainment.
  6. Mt own personal view is that everything will go back to normal, or rather whatever it was we were living in prior to Covid-19. Big business will get bailed out on my dime, the masses will be back to making decisions against their own interest and everything else will be forgotten.
  7. I love Nick Cave. He's coming to town (Toronto) in September. Hopefully all this hubbub will be settled by then. Probably favourite track is above, the Weeping Song. I do have to give a shout out to the Murder Ballads as a whole, phenomenally atmospheric. Red Right Hand, Tupelo. And of course As I sat Sadly By Her Side are some of the top tracks I go to constantly. I got into them from Wings of Desire when it was released in 1991. Actually, that's a lie. I found out about him from the movie. Listening to alternative music in my youth his music was always in the background in my life's soundtrack. Getting into his music was bit roundabout though. I was more into Einsturzende Neubauten (Blixa's real band). THen around 1996 two things happened, Murder Ballads came out and I found out Blixa was part of the Bad Seeds. The rest, as part of my Nick Cave love, is history.
  8. It appears to...but remember, consultation. The anti-tobacco/smoking lobbies will be all over this to ensure it doesn't come to be. Having said that, if the Gov't does give the go-ahead it does open up the door...through the courts, which pretty much means that by the time its decided we will be long gone.
  9. Found the longer article I read this morning (in the Globe & Mail): Ontario is considering allowing cannabis consumption lounges as well as permits for consumption at festivals and events across the province. It is unlikely, however, that lounges would resemble Amsterdam’s famed cannabis cafés, given provincial legislation prohibiting smoking indoors. The Ontario government began a public consultation process on Monday, using a survey to gather feedback on “cannabis consumption establishments” and “special occasion permits.” Currently, cannabis users in Ontario are allowed to consume in private residences and in most outdoor spaces, but not inside enclosed public spaces or commercial establishments, where smoking and vaping is prohibited by the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. The government is not considering changes to the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, it said in a statement on Monday, suggesting that any cannabis lounges or cafés would be focused on serving cannabis-infused edibles, such as chocolates and drinks. Edibles-only cafés would also have to navigate federal rules that only allow cannabis to be sold in approved packaging. “You couldn’t put [infused drinks] on taps in restaurants because of federal regulations about the product having to be in the packaging at the point-of-sale," said Michael Wilson, a lawyer with Goodmans LLP and former chief of staff to Ontario Attorney-General Doug Downey. "But in theory you could have a canned beverage or a bottled beverage served to a customer at a table and probably still comply with the federal rules,” Mr. Wilson said. He added that the province will have to decide whether to allow alcohol and cannabis-infused products to be sold in the same establishment. The consultation period, which ends March 10, is the latest attempt by the Ontario government to improve the business environment for province’s cannabis retailers and growers, many of whom are struggling to compete with the black market. The lack of retail outlets in Ontario – there are still fewer than 30 stores open – is commonly cited by cannabis producers to explain why their financial results have fallen short of expectations. In December, Ontario scrapped the retail lottery system it used to award licences and moved to an open licensing model with no cap on the total number of stores allowed in the province. "We’ve had a terrible month in terms of news in the cannabis industry, where we’ve seen layoffs from various different licensed producers. I think today’s announcement should be an economic shot in the arm for both licensed producers and retailers,” said Omar Khan, national cannabis sector lead for consulting firm Hill+Knowlton Strategies. "There’s an enormous opportunity for licensed cannabis retailers to explore the possibility of also operating consumption lounges either next to their retail locations or very close nearby. I also think there’s a huge opportunity here for people who run, and have experience running and operating, cafés and bars,” Mr. Khan added.
  10. Yes, this change would "only" be for drinks/food, not smoking. Considering this is Canada, the province would also need to ensure the set-up conforms to federal laws over and above he provincial ones as well. The example I read this morning highlighted the fact that you can't serve infused alcohol from a tap, but could sell the can to the customer to drink at a table. Now, to be honest, since our current provincial government put the "fail" in incompetent I don't see this law taking effect anytime soon. Also, the previous genius government also came up with the idea to allow cannabis smoking for medicinal purposes indoors before our laws changed, then quickly backtracking once they realized what they were about to do, I expect a classic F up and the decision to pull this idea sooner rather than later. This seems to have Diageo (or other other spirits oligarchies) all over it.
  11. Heart broken right now. I can’t even think of the words to convey.

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