"Mate, I am picking you up in 15 minutes"

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Following on from the "Travel and Go" thread. 

Assume you had a friend call up today and said “Mate,  I am picking you up in 15 minutes for a lad’s weekend away. Bring 10 cigars”

Brilliant! You have the time. Your wife is all for it or your girlfriend is away. OK maybe both. 

You reach for your 10 stick Otter box and open the humidor. What are you choosing?

10 cigars only....welcome to double up....you must have them in your humidor. 


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1 - Punch 8-9-8

1 - Nudies 1 Rosado

1 - Esplendidos 

1 - RyJ Cazzy

2 - HU2

2 - BPC

2 - Monte 3

I know where these all are, so no time wasted hunting for them.



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Cohiba Esplendido

Cohiba Piramides Extra

Partagas Lusi

Punch DC

Ramon Allones Gigantes

Nudies N1 Rosado

Fuente Fuente Opus Forbidden X Robusto

Cohiba Robusto

Ramon Allone Libertador

Grand Finale - H. Upmann Sir Winston 

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The ten I would bring 

Cohiba Robusto.                      Diplomatos #2 

Montecristo #2.                        Bolivar Royal Corona 

Partagas D 4.                               Por Larranaga Galanes q

Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill.  Ramon Allones Superiores 

H Upmann Magnum 50.               Punch Punch 



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2 hours ago, Islandboy said:

I was in a similar real-life drill a couple Fridays back - spent the evening at a buddy’s place (recently divorced - but not TOO recently, lol). I brought the cigars and rum, he’s a damn fine amateur chef. We both have a keen eye for quality.

I brought a pair each of:

’07 SLR DC

’06 RA Estupendo

And a bottle of 15 year El Dorado rum.

A fine time was had, and the cigars paired elegantly with the food and drink. Oh, and, no driving was involved ‘till the next day. :thumbsup:


You had me at SLR DC. 

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Just did this about a month ago but it was 40 cigars - that's even harder and requires some thought!  In 15 minutes the ten easy picks that are all in my normal rotation right now would be:

2 - JL2's (UTL SEP-19)

2- HdM Epi 2's (REG DIC-18)

2- SCdlH Principi's (LGR JUN-17)

2 - Boli CJs (MSU JUL-19)

2 - Monte 2's (MSU NOV-18)

That about covers the water front as far as flavors, what's smoking well now and the time committment to smoke.

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