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  1. Cigars that are readily available: Flavorful - Punch Punch Bang for $$ - Partagas Shorts/PLPC
  2. Easy, just be straight up and tell it like it is.
  3. So sorry for the loss of your father. I lost mine 8 years ago at the age of 88. I was fortunate to have him in my life for as long as I did. Still think of him daily, the pain of the loss will fade, but will always be there. Peace
  4. I have been spending quite a bit of time at my farm. Building new roads through some timberland I purchased.
  5. Living on the Alabama gulf coast, I have been to several impromptu Jimmy Buffet mini concerts. His sister, Lucy, would give us a call when Jimmy was in town. A dozen or so folks, and Jimmy, barefooted, playing the guitar and singing. Good times...
  6. I figured this pricing was coming when the 50 cabs started to dissappear and fancy boxes started to come on the scene, along with 5 and 10 boxes. While prices are much higher than we are used too, Rob and his staff have maintained a level of quality, supply, and pricing that we all should be thankful for. All you have to do is look at the LCDH'S and grey market vendors.
  7. Yes i remember the days of 375 Lanceros, 500 esplendidos. Glad I went heavy back then, not that many years ago. Haven't bought any Cohiba since well before covid came upon us.
  8. Punch DC 2013, outstanding. I have some Esplendidos from the same year great cigar, but if I had to choose between the two, punch hands down.
  9. Hdm DC, punch DC, lusitania's, really any churchill or DC size.
  10. I am no a fan at all. Takes up too much room in humidors. Slb's boxes or cabs are just fine with me. In my opinion a cab of 50 looks better than any fancy box.
  11. Just in case and opening packages from FOH 🥴. All kidding aside, living on a farm, there is always something that needs cutting. Twine, boxes, bags, vines,ect...
  12. Have carried a pocket knife since i was a kid. My grandfather gave me my first one, when i was 5 or 6.
  13. Yes, very fortunate,. Had 6 singles that I really enjoyed. I think these can really be something special with a few years on them.
  14. I don't buy many regionals, but would love to have been able to grab a couple more cabs of these.
  15. Condition-signs of normal use. Wonder what they are using them for?
  16. I smoke 3-5 a day, only recall one cigar that I had to toss. Maybe a half dozen that i needed the perfect draw to opened them up for me.
  17. I would prefer a true churchill, if it's too long for some, just put it down when you have had enough.
  18. The way 21 has gone, maybe a Tampa Nugget Sublime would be appropriate.

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