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  1. Saturday mornings are rough when there is no college football on…
  2. My company does not answer to communists, shareholders, board of directors, or anyone else either. I guess I am just like Rolex… I only answer to myself and price my services as I wish.
  3. I voted but I might phrase it a tad differently 😉. In essence, Cuba's inability (for a plethora of reasons) to produce enough cigars and an increased demand from Asia would be my best guess. A perfect storm when you add in Tabacuba incompetence...
  4. Now is as good a time as any if your not in a rush. I started buying about 29 years ago and I have been putting money in at the same time every month ever since. The dollar amount has increased as my income has increased over time. I usually put in any unexpected windfalls in lump sums. Never have tried to time the market and I never will. I guess it all depends on your timetable and when you need the funds. I will admit I took some profits at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 but I just reinvested those. I enjoy looking at the 'lifetime' charts instead of the 'daily' charts. Always makes me smile and never makes me worry. If I was retiring today or needed the cash in the short term, not sure I would be putting any money in at the moment though I agree with Cory...it may be a bit bumpy.
  5. Buy the dip? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  6. Bodyguard from a recent trade. Have not had a DC in years.
  7. I love those Seiko Presage. I picked this one up a few weeks ago. I believe it is the Mojito.
  8. Not a new arrival but they have sat around long enough to acclimate. A little Ebony and Ivory.
  9. Why be so insulting to those that spend their money in a different manner than you. We all have our vices and material items we value more than others. Some cars, some wine, some cigars…some watches. We get you won’t buy them. Not sure I will either. Might splurge on Esmeralda or Coloniales, who knows. Does that make me a foolish? Who knows…who cares. Maybe I’ll wear my Casioak and smoke a $100 Esmeralda instead of a Rolex and a $6.58 Reyes. We are both probably just as satisfied with our choices. My guess is they still sell, just not as fast as Cohiba.
  10. That is more of an internal monologue I would have with myself…those words aren’t coming out of my mouth in any tone 🤣🤣🤣 Happily married for 17 years and intend on keeping it that way…
  11. I opened my browser and clicked on my favorites tab and brought up FOH. I saw the title of this thread and said to myself, "Is asking to be left alone something I can ask for or does that make me an asshole...?" To my astonishment, there was your comment and I said to myself, "Hells Yeah, I'm not an asshole...or at least I'm not the only asshole..." I spend tons of time with my kids and I count myself very very fortunate. That being said, a little time off during the day would be a nice gift.
  12. Saw it in La Jolla last weekend 🤣🤣🤣 …but at least it wasn’t State mandated.
  13. I hope they are not taunting customers in the current climate and that they have introduced a modicum of decorum and at least hidden those gems away. That would garner a little sympathy from me. If that is a current photo with stock on the shelves behind a velvet rope, well, I don't really wish them well, jovial or not. For what it is worth, I don't wish Ferrari well either 😄
  14. All that stock and they won't even let us plebs buy any, even at their ridiculous asking prices... They are acting like Ferrari. I would tend to feel bad for the retailers just as I would for us smokers but retailers that take that attitude get no sympathy... I have no problem limiting quantities to prevent getting cleaned out but refusing ANY seems a bit pretentious, especially while they are sitting on the shelves for the world to see...just not buy...at least unless you are special enough...

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