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  1. It’s down, may even level out or lose a few points more, down 20% for the year, I got back in and will add more if it drops another 5%. Finding the bottom is hard, gotta buy the way down a bit. Might take years ( a red wave more exact ) to dig out of this one…..
  2. There is perceived value in all items we buy. I enjoy the cigars I enjoy. I won’t be buying ones just because they are cheaper. I won’t be buying 35$ Media Luna or 65$ CORO either. . The price tag will negatively effect the experience for me ( working class guilt ) if I paid 50$. But not for a regular production cigar. I won’t be splitting hairs between 8$ increased to 14$
  3. With the supply they are able to produce, the price hike is on par with sales to main markets at prices people will pay. For how long, who knows, that goes for anything. I personally don’t want to pay wholesale box price of 15$ robusto, most NC is under 10$ wholesale/online . I’m not talking opus or 1926 or davidoff or Ashton. They are great premium NC cigars and charge 20$ + a stick. I’d rather have a D4 or Connie A , every time!! we were just lucky while it lasted. not complaining as most goods/items are about equal as a price increase percentage
  4. Welcome and nice review!!! Ramon allones allones superior
  5. Agreed, be part of the solution when someone says the talking point of the day,. Try and educate them. Wait….. this is why I have no friends 😁
  6. Nice review, agree 2014/2015 D4 are smoking beautifully now
  7. And the one box per client also helps not selling out as fast,
  8. I don’t think of this as a business decision. These are gov’t controlled actors who need “x” amount of dollars to survive. Long term strategy does not, in my opinion, weight on any thought process. Survival now is the only thought. Thinking is “ we need 100million dollars, we have 1000 cohiba cigars.” Do the math. I enjoy Cuban tobacco over anything else. Period. But if I pay 50$ for a smoke, can I really relax and enjoy it? What if it was a dog rocket? Feeling relaxed? Plugged? Am I relaxing now? Toss it and grab another?
  9. My favorite Cuban cigar. Nuff Said
  10. So many other great cigars. And Trinidad are my favorite by far. But I’m not going to be smoking a $20 Reyes. Or a $25 siglo ll. I get the ultra premium brands they want to build, but I smoke to enjoy the product, not the flashy label.
  11. It was a great season for fans. A lot of solid teams playing great hockey. Hopefully playoffs will continue that. Really enjoyed watching this year
  12. Great stick, it’s not a BBF or premium, but I really enjoy them and love the PC format
  13. Age what you like to smoke… I would put the classics that I know will still be in production in 20 years, bbf, D4,
  14. Would you show up to work if the “immigrants” made 10 times your wage? Recipe for disaster

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