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  1. I live in Florida and work in Maryland. I've noted on a few other posts that I found a local cigar B&M that is frequented by "the salt of the earth" types. Local police, firemen, real estate and many retiree's. All we talk about is have you tried X or Y recently released NC. They all ask me about my cubans but none of them collect so it's really all NC's. We all agree on Padron's as an everyday smoke and it really is all about your price point whether you prefer a 4000, 6000, 1964, 1926 (my fave) or a Damaso. When a debate rages the favorite bet is over one of the Padron 50 Anniversary cigars (they still have it hidden behind the counter) for $50. Some recent interesting NC's and a few of my old favorites: Warped La Colmena Corona Crowned Heads Las Calaveras 2021 LE Toro Crowned Heads Le Careme Hermosos #1 Tatuaje Black Label Petite Lancero (from 2017) Rojas Street Tacos Barbacoa Toro Agree with any of the Oliva Serie V or Melanio Arturo Fuente Magnum R44 (from 2017) Arturo Fuente Casa de Cuba Doble Tres Aging Room Quattro Churchill (from 2020)
  2. Went out for an evening 18 holes this past week on a beautiful, low humidity Florida late afternoon. As usual, played the first 3 holes in 35 minutes until I caught up to several groups playing a 9 hole scramble in front of me. No problem -- luckily, I had decided to take along a Nudie Maduro Lancero that has been sitting in the humidor since 10/13/21. I have not smoked one in well over two months. Wow, just past 6 months resting and they have really smoothed out to an almost sweet leather and malt with no pepper tastes. I had to relight a few times from letting it sit too long while I chipped and putted. Even the relights tasted smooth. A really enjoyable experience. Nice job with these @El Presidente as they keep getting better. I can't wait for the next release. Thanks
  3. Probably the last CC's for me for a while. My NC's have been getting pretty low and I'll use the time to buy a few of my favorites that you can still get at close to mid-COVID pricing when on 20% holiday discount. Of course, that's until I see another box of JL2's that look like these from our host !
  4. Thanks to a PM from @Queens88 was able to purchase another box. Thanks mate! These are my son's favorite Cubans and very often I get salt and charred steak - what a unique stick. So sad that they are discontinued. But, every once in a while, with the help of friends, you find that 4-leaf clover ....
  5. The family came in for a week to honor my wife's mother who passed away. All 3 of our children and spouses along with all 7 great grandchildren came in for the ceremony and celebration over Easter. True to her wishes after the ceremony at South Florida National Cemetery she wanted one big party. Dad is ex-Army and still kicking at 86! That's him with the great grandchildren and cousins after the Easter Egg hunt. Great picture of the first order at the bar was for the ladies. The "boys" doing tequila shots in honor of Mom. That's the way I would like to go out - a big party with the entire family! The boys did some serious damage to the humidor, > 40 cigars burn't in less than a week. Of course I had to assist in the effort -- all for mom !!!
  6. Started this hobby seriously in 2018 and now have over 3000 cigars in the collection. I'm probably pretty rare cigar smoker and apparently pretty lucky- why? Because I have never smoked a Cohiba and never wanted to buy one because of the price. Every time I looked at the price differential (even pre-covid) I ended up buying a box of Boli's, JL's, PLPC's, RGPC's, Dips, SCdlH, Monte 2's & 4's and building what I thought were really tasty cigars 4 to 12 boxes deep. Now I find myself with many Cubans approaching 5 years old and really enjoying the flavor progression as they age. I've slowly kept buying favorites or to fill a few holes in the collection but, now, even slower over the last year. Sure the few boxes of Lusi's I managed to get from our host were $17 to $18 a stick. But overall the collection still averages $8.43 / stick. That's what I think about no matter what stick I grab from the humidor to enjoy or share with friends. Never tasted a Cohiba and at today's prices, probably never will -- and that's pretty lucky. Can't miss something that you have never experienced or actually even wanted.
  7. Wow, what a box - don't remember what the ranking was when I purchased these from our host, but if these aren't PSP it's just because @El Presidente has been so busy he couldn't look at these. There is a slight mottled wrapper effect between Rosado and a darker Colorado; with a real sheen. Amazing and thank you! (EBO OCT-21)
  8. It is. Always wanted a custom humidor. Had a specialty cabinet maker put it in after I built my retirement home. At first all of the shelves were angled like the bottom one but I've converted it over to flat shelves over time to hold the CC's and NC's that are ready to smoke. The rest of my collection are stored in coolidor's until they're ready to smoke.
  9. Second favorite size is the petit corona! Perfect morning coffee smoke.
  10. Love these - down to only 3 boxes. Smoking the 2017's right now and they're good. A lighter smoke that you puff and take your time with. Smoking a cigar is about relaxation and enjoyment. Don't have to think about these much: generally bread, and very light caramel. At the old price these were stupid easy to buy. I sure hope they come back in a big way so I can pick-up another 10 boxes. Downside of the "skinnies" is they can be a tight draw but these seem to rarely need the perfect draw.
  11. Don't have a lot in my stock. The older ones are a dream to smoke - savory spice, sourdough and sometimes a sweetness. There an easy smoke to grab but they're much better if you let them go to the 5 year point - hard to do though ...
  12. Just came in today - wow - these dark, oily wrappers remind me of the Punch Punch of old! The first one I ever had was playing Merion. I was with a member and he offered me a Cuban Punch Punch. It was the darkest, oiliest cigar I'd ever seen. By the Par 3, 9th hole I was almost high on the nicotine kick. Putting these away away a 3 to 4 year nap!
  13. I tend to weigh about 50% of my cigars - depending on how they look and feel. Heavyweights or very firm cigars go back in the box with a label to "hold". The variability in a single box can be amazing. See my post below. 3 boxes of Boli PC's that should weigh ~ 8.46 gm's that went from 7.0 gm's all the way up to 11.2 gm's. I still haven't finished the "experiment" because the heavy weight box is still sitting in my long-term storage aging away. I probably won't touch them for at least another 1 to 2 years. When I was new in this hobby, I obsessed over learning all that I could. Now I'm a lot calmer about overweight and underweight cigars. I tend to smoke the underweights early (ROTT to 2 years old) and just leave the heavyweights alone (>4 years) to gracefully age. I believe that by the time I smoke them they will be phenomenal cigars that are much closer to ideal weight (but probably still a little over-filled). They may take a little prodding with a PerfectDraw but, I would rather smoke an overweight cigar than a "wind tunnel".
  14. Thought I'd revive this thread - The Lancero maduro's (ebony) are getting better every day. Haven't yet tried the Lancero ivory or the N3 Rosado Carlota's Also did some aesthetic rearranging of a few of the CC boxes and gave my favorite NCs the bottom and the top of the humi. All the CC's get the middle where your eye is naturally drawn. But, in keeping with this thread, thought you guys might like to see the new place of honor for the Nudies in my Humi.

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