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If that is an actual photo, they look like they have been rolled the guys at Partagas ;)


Fact or fiction?.....call it 


Mayan Sicars


Meet Mayan Sicars, the most expensive of all Cigars in the World. Mayan Sicars was last sold at a mouth-watering price of $507,000 in an auction. The reason behind its huge cost can be attributed to only one thing; Age. The luxurious vintage Cigar is about 600 years old. Beat that!

A pot of the Mayan Sicars was discovered by the archeologists from the Tampa University. The pot was intact, and the cigars remain well preserved and unsmoked. While this historical finding is a heritage to behold, no one is bold enough yet to smoke such an ancient wrap.

Now you know which cigars commands the highest bucks in the market currently.  As a lover of luxury, next time you choose to relax with a nice cigar, you should check out one among the listed expensive cigars in this piece.  Have you tried any of these?

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The cigars in that picture are certainly not 600 years old. Cigars are, atleast, that old though. The Taino Indian's Shaman were smoking huge bundles of tobacco leaves when Columbus arrived. They used to inhale the smoke, hallucinate, then tell the tribe the future...... Something like that. They called them "Cohibas"

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While I can't comment on the veracity of this, I will say those look freaking identical to cigars I was buying off the natives near Palenque.

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