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  1. A guy walks into a bar with an alligator. He says "I'll bet anyone here I can put my penis in its mouth and not be harmed". Several people put up some money so he whips it out, and puts his dick in the gator's mouth. After a couple minutes, he whacks the gator on the head and it lets go. The man is unharmed and wins the bet! Then the man says "anyone else want to try". No one does, except the blonde girl in the back who raises her hand and says "I'll try - just don't hit my head too hard!". (ta boom tishhhh)
  2. With 4 humidors.... Winston (cabinet humi) uses an oasis JFK (desktop) uses a baby adorini with a couple bovedas Groucho (wineador) just uses kitty litter (a couple of mini fans for circulation) Arnold (tower humi) uses oasis with extra fans bovedas and gel thingies All hold steady at 65/66%
  3. Perfect dry martini: Gently pour gin over ice into a cocktail shaker. Have someone walk through the room with an open bottle of dry vermouth. Stir, pour - add 3 olives.
  4. In the future, archeologists will wonder why we died with such clean bums.
  5. In no particular order: Band of brothers Monty python (movie or series) Marx brothers movies (duh?) trailer park boys any WW2 documentary series
  6. Exactly as described in the review - well, I guess it should be with the same box code! LOL My read is that they can certainly take some more time - although the one I had was marvelous!
  7. After watching the review I just had to crack a box and have one!
  8. Actually is the word meaning someone who can't hunt, cook, or fish. ? Fun Fact: There are 5 times more EX-vegans than there are vegans.
  9. Geez... you almost hit my exact list! I'll be getting a whack of fundy's and the hunt will be on for some cohiba lanceros along with your mentions!

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