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  1. There has been indications that Pope Alexander VI (1492 Borgia Pope) smoked cigars. Not sure of the background but it was included in the tv series.
  2. Good info. Thanks. Damn that is a long time to fully rebound.
  3. Haha. That bottom looks like water damage.
  4. A good time to mention that I have to commend you on the stock that you do have available. And yea, the other reputable vendors sure don't have much available.
  5. Stellar cigars IMHO! I do have some socked away. Am afraid to smoke them.
  6. Looks like a wrapper rip-off of what Fuente has been doing for years.
  7. HaHaHa. Good one! Used to love Fractured Fairytales on Rocky & Bullwinkle.
  8. Let me just chime in and say I don't care much who the gouger is when I am the gougee! Believe prices will get worse before they get better. I try to practice edumacated consumerism. So hikes to marcas like Cohiba and Trini don't confront me. Will I smoke more NC's? Not much. Will I probably smoke less? Already am. Within reason! Heh....

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