Sub $150 cool shit Christmas Gift Ideas.

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Sub $150 cool shit Christmas Gift Ideas?

Most of us get asked this time of year for gift ideas and respond like stunned mullets. It's a bloke thing I know :rolleyes:

Let's help each other out. 

Put up some sub $150 (USD) cool stuff that you would actually love.  They do not have to be cigar related. ;)

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Not sure how many other members will consider this 'cool shit'.  But I bought it for under $150 as an early Christmas present to myself.   Me and the missus went to this shrine in Nikko before covid,

If I am not flying I use a small knife with a money clip. These are really cool. Stainless box cutter money clip. Go ahead… hack up the blade. It is a utility knife and you can buy  pack of 100 f

US $91.99 - 129.99



Brand-New Experience with M2 Versatile Translator Earbuds

Timekettle M2 Translator Earbuds is a set of innovative translation earbuds that offer Online and Offline Speech Translation, while sounding spectacular playing music and calling.

Powered by the AI technology, Timekettle M2 translator delivers an unparalleled translation experience. Integrated with Qualcomm aptX, M2 earbuds offer incredible sound transmission. M2 is a truly accessible device for smashing language barriers, Traveling, Learning, Business or daily use.


Distance NO LONGER an Issue—— Remote Mode

In remote mode up to 40 people can join the group chat at the same time. Remote Mode currently supports translation in 40 languages. When you select the default language, all other languages will be automatically translated into the selected language in the group, with the original text in another language for reference.

During voice input, tap to turn on the voice recognition and you can speak continuously which is more user-friendly and efficient than other apps where you need to press and hold buttons.


40 Languages + 93 Accents

M2 portable language voice translator supports two-way translation in 40 LANGUAGES + 93 ACCENTS by using WiFi or a cellular network. Timekettle M2 collaborates with top AI companies and connects to 14 high-speed servers across the globe. As a result, our service always outperforms other translation apps or hardware out there, allowing you to converse effortlessly wherever you are.


Superior Sound Quality in Music and Calling

Timekettle M2 instant voice translator is the true wireless earbuds that offer Online Speech Translation, while sounding spectacular playing music and calling. Language translator M2 features Qualcomm aptX Audio Codec Compression technology to ensure you get the very most from your music and phone calls. Communicate naturally in other languages without compromising any phone call or music moment.



Product Names

M2Translator Earbuds






Via Bluetooth

Data Connection

Through Timekettle App

Bluetooth Requirement of Phones

≥ Bluetooth 4.2

System Requirement of Phones

≥ IOS11.0

≥ Android 7.0

Product Dimension

2.5 in × 2.5 in× 1.4 in /

6 .3 cm × 6.3 cm × 3 .5 cm

Product Weight


Package Dimensions

4.0 in × 4.0 in × 2.0 in/
10.2 cm × 10.2 cm × 5.0 cm

Weight with Package


Battery Type

Lithium Polymer

Charging Port



Battery Life

6 Hours

(30 hours used with charging case)

Charging Case

Battery Life

25 Hours

( Charge the earbuds 5 times)

Battery Capacity

/ Per Earbud


Battery Capacity

/ Per Charging Case



Voltage / Power

3.7V / 0.148Wh

Charging Case

Voltage / Power

3.7V / 1.036Wh

Full Recharge Time

90 minutes

Max. Connection Distance

10 meters

Automatic connection


within 0.5-meter range of the phone

Automatic Re-connection

 by pulling earbuds out of the charging case





40 Languages

93 Accents

Arabic / Bulgarian / Cantonese / Catalan / Chinese / Croatian / Czech / Danish / Dutch / English / Finnish / French / German / Greek / Hebrew / Hindi / Hungarian / Icelandic / Indonesian / Italian /Japanese / Korean /Malay / Norwegian / Polish / Portuguese / Romanian  / Russian / Slovak / Slovenian / Spanish / Swedish / Tamil / Telugu / Thai / Turkish / Ukrainian / Urdu

Package Included

2* Earphones,  1*Charge Case,  1* USB Cable , 1*User Manual ,  1*App

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1 hour ago, Fuzz said:

That's not what most people use that thing for.... :lookaround:

There's definitely "special" after market adaptors loll....

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I hear you on the stunned look when asked this question. People tell me I’m difficult about giving gift ideas for myself…sorry if I believe adult men should not be comfortable asking for free stuff! 

This year I told my wife I would like a record player…I thought it would be nice to get my music back to analog, and remove my ability to skip around easily. Forced retraining of my musical attention span. Additionally it will serve the purpose of replacing an ugly plant she has in the living room that she forgets to water all the time.

Some other things I think are good asks:

-High quality leather bound daily planner/journal for 2022.

-Expensive loungewear. If you have only worn cheap sweatpants and hoodies all your life, an expensive pair of joggers may be an earth shattering experience.

-Some kitchen toy to ramp your cooking game up like an immersion circulator, nice wireless meat thermometers, air fryer, etc.




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31 minutes ago, Drguano said:


Furry subculture?

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