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  1. was working Flight Line F-15's when this came out.... Everyone thought all pilots looked like Tom Cruise In reality most of the IP's looked like me these days... These were guys who were Vietnam era F-4 drivers... Guys with Beer Guts trying to get a cigarette in before maintenance debrief...
  2. My Personal stock is around 100... I'm a <= $200 guy for anything... and prefer smaller sizes as these fit my lifestyle at the moment.. One of the many things I appreciate about this place is the option to buy 1/4 boxes on the 24:24 offerings... I will be taking advantage of this... As far as Cohiba... I have a fiver of siglo III. I actually prefer Trinidad over Cohiba and have to admit I'm starting to feel the FOMO pressure but my wallet/wife will keep me in check
  3. 10+ every day.. has to be my favorite movie... the Michael and Fredo dynamic... you could cut the tension with a Knife... John Cazale... gone too soon "He was the greatest actor I ever saw." -Al Pacino on John Cazale.
  4. Now We're talking.... I'm more of an Aja or Katy Lied fan however
  5. Mine is "Batch Boy" as I'm in charge of all our nightly Linux Batch Jobs... I'm telling them I Prefer "Batch Man" as my new title to no avail..
  6. Daily Humidity checks Spreadsheet but only for Habanos Keep notes on occasion , always refer to previous tasting notes as a point of reference I only have eyes for FOH
  7. On the plus side they know the intrinsic risks of Communism and will not be friendly to socialist policies that are sure to be pitched in the next few years ..
  8. https://www.newsweek.com/videos-goonew-dead-body-propped-stage-bliss-nightclub-washington-dc-outrage-1695039
  9. weighed this morning, last month was good, this month I'm back up to 253lbs / 114.759 kg . So in reality in 3 months I only lost 2 lbs.. ugh... my failure is complete...
  10. and I would have gotten away with it ... if it wouldn't have been up to you meddling kids...

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