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2023 Regional Ideas   

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I was asked about regional ideas 2023. 

From the poll, Pick 2 

Don't worry about packaging too much at this point. We can have a discussion on that once we have worked out the final 2. 

Feel free to discuss the cigars/concepts/blends etal. :ok:

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Great options all, I went Dip and LGC. Diplo sounds like a better German or UK option (those markets seem to like reviving long discontinued marca/vitolas) but at long as someone is making them, i'm happy.

Now just need to bide my time for an SLR Lancero!

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10 minutes ago, Islandboy said:

I’m in the minority, I know, but that PL sounds absolutely perfect. Went Dip and PL.

Same with me. Not holding my breath but would love to see these two some day.

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1 hour ago, riderpride said:

I went PL and LGC. I would love a VR Dalia to see what that wrapper can do though


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1 hour ago, El Presidente said:

Assuming 100,000 sticks. 

500 cajons of 100 would be very saleable (50,000) You could do something very special with the cajon. 

500 numbered  Cajons of 100

2000 numbered  SLB of 25

 No brainer. I and Ravi could move them in a month between ourselves  ;)

Still that'd be a big box, I'm just factoring in the price of another wineador on top of the sticks 🤣

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