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  1. Fincato in Rome is great. JJ Fox in London outstanding - like those guys a lot....although very expensive. The Ritz in London has a nice smoking lounge, although smallish selection (and annoying dress code).
  2. “I’m not one to complain” -Ken That made me laugh out loud great review guys....love watching these
  3. Do we know anything about the Cohiba besides size (blend, etc)? What’s shape is a Placeres? 5.19 inches and 53 mm....not sure what this adds to the line....robusto gorda?
  4. Thank you very much John. Will be interested to see how it compares to the Topes (one of my favs)
  5. Is La Trova considered a LE? Have a box and planning on trying one in a couple weeks. Worth the premium for those who have tried?
  6. I will echo what many have already said - it's a wonderful, tasty cigar - stronger than a CoRo and lasting longer than the avg PR. Expensive but not outrageous for a treat yourself smoke. My favorite at the moment.
  7. Appreciate it much....really enjoy your reviews!
  8. Anyone have an idea when we might see SW offered again? Love all Upmann and excited to get a box at some point. Thanks all.
  9. Hey - I’m willing to pay for one (not having won anything and all ). Looks very cool and would love to represent!
  10. So if the Canadian govt forces cigar smokers (effectively) to buy online, in Cuba, etc, aren’t they going to take a hit in tax collections? Not sure how this makes any financial sense (since we know despite their moralizing that politicians do care about the cash...)
  11. So the box code is not available or just not on the box? Does pp mean you’re buying cigars without knowing anything about age and factory?

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