WINNER ANNOUNCED!! Weekend laughter Competition

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Starting now. :D

On this thread, post up a favourite Joke/vid/clip. 

  • Keep them relatively clean and keep in mind female members participate. 
  • Normal FOH rules apply. 
  • If you have to run it by me or a mod then you probably shouldn't post it. 
  • Maximum two posts/entries by any one member. 
  • Snowflakes think twice about using the report feature. :rolleyes:


2 Prizes:


                 Most member likes: 10 count box of Monte 2


                 All entries go into the draw for: 10 count box of Monte 2 


Drawn Tuesday local with the winners posted by Steve    :cigar:

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2 hours ago, SpecialK said:



Love the Letter K. Forcheck backcheck paycheck bro 


This clip is a close second to 'ants on seadoos' - that's like spending 4 minutes inside my head. It's a weird place...

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A proud new mother is in the hospital room with her newborn. The doctor walks in and the baby suddenly asks “are you my daddy?” Shocked, the doctor hesitantly replies, “no... I am the doctor who helped birthed you.”

A moment later a nurse walks in. The baby asks “are you my daddy?” The nurse replies, “no I am the nurse who assists the doctor.”

The father walks in next. The baby asks, “Are you my daddy?” The father, taken aback by his talking child responds, “why yes, I am am!”

The baby proceeds to jab the father in the stomach repeatedly yelling, “NOW YOU KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE DADDY!”

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  • MoeFOH changed the title to WINNER ANNOUNCED!! Weekend laughter Competition

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