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  1. My weight isn't posted from my final weigh in at 136.7kg a page back morning of May 6th for an overall 12.66% weight change.
  2. Getting ready for yardwork. My playlist for the day is a mix of Bluesy and Metal. Bluesy I'm really digging these guys lately. Close my eyes and I hear Robert Plant. Catchy rhythm.
  3. HDM DC, RYJ Churhills, Lucitanias, QDO Coronas, Gigantes, Fonseca #1, HDM Epi2,1 and Especial.
  4. I'm down from 346 at the start of this to 302lbs. My journey in weight loss started a year ago from 507lbs. About a month ago I went back to an activity I have thought the last few years that I would never do again. I used to race snowmobiles in 2001-2003. I now have a new sled on order. Thank you for keeping things going in a positive direction with this contest.
  5. Deaths now at 30.
  6. Ooo We have the weekend for weigh in. I took mine this morning but I might loose more. 50/50 shot though since I'm smoking 8 racks of ribs tomorrow. I'll post them if I get lighter. until then here's mine. Hoping to get below 300 the next couple days.
  7. Yeah, but I already have other expensive hobbies. Guess I'm going to have to give up hookers and blow for my cigar habit. JK, but I seriously have other expensive hobbies. I'm well stocked for now. I'll just have to stop handing them out for free to the regular moochers in my life. Who knows, give it a year or two and look at the value of my stash and maybe I'll sell it off and use the proceeds to buy Hugh Heffner's pad.
  8. Glad I stocked up when I did…now I’m afraid to smoke what I have. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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