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  1. No Country was filmed at the same time and location as There Will Be Blood..which I think is the better movie. But No County is great too
  2. Probably my favorite movie of all time. You could ask 10 people what their favorite scene is and get 10 different answers. But It's def the Wolf scene, or the diner scene. Or the pawn shop scene, or the apartment scene, or the 2nd apartment scene. Or the Watch scene.
  3. I have a Primo Oval XL but am thinking of selling it and getting a pellet smoker + gas grill. But the Primo itself has been great. The oval shape I think is more conducive to fitting meat on the grates compared to the circle shape of the egg/KJ. It's also great for setting up a dual zone when grilling. If you go with a kamado style grill def give it a look.
  4. Loved the movie so much I named my first cat “Vito” In his eyes the dog is Emilio Barzini
  5. GotYaGoat


  6. I think the simplest answer is each team gets the opportunity to possess the ball. If both teams score a touchdown on their first possession then it’s sudden death from there on.
  7. Bills should have played their cornerbacks right on the Kansas City receivers and tackle/hold them as soon as the ball is hiked. That would have taken off 5ish seconds each time and the penalty for defensive holding is only 5 yards. Wide Right Music City Miracle 13 Seconds
  8. I’m liking the Raiders -4 hosting the Jacoby Brissett led dolphins

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