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  1. Gifted from the magnanimous @NicPac so unsure of box code, but my first ERDM. Nice construction with a blessedly open draw - I was doing some yard work so didn’t have to worry about it going out too much or fussing with relights. Light bodied cigar with grassy/hay flavors for me and some toasted nuts now towards the end. Good cigar for the situation at hand but not one I’d reach for if I were looking to unravel a lot of complex flavors (at least ones that I’m normally attuned to). 84 Sublime day here today and enjoying the end of the stick under my gazebo with my dog. Life is 👍
  2. Live in a west coast city, no bugs to speak of
  3. Vigia yesterday and LFD “A” today! Sublime couple of spring days here in the PNW
  4. Got my project all wrapped up this morning! Will get stained and sealed this summer after the wood dries out a bit
  5. A 10! Lots of good quotes - “I am a river to my people!” Oddly enough the first time I saw it was my senior year of high school, they put all us seniors in the auditorium for a few days while the underclassmen were taking some kind of standardized test I think.
  6. Update - rafters in. Tongue and groove roof decking next, then plywood sheathing before the roof goes on. Yes the fence side rafters are 6” shorter, needed to allow some room to work in there between the roof and the fence. Didn’t want to shift the whole thing over for a few reasons.
  7. Day 1 in the books. Spent half the day monkeying with the layout to get our holes drilled square for the post bases. Then put the posts in, pulled a level line across the tops, pull the posts again, cut them to length, notched them to accept the short beams and reinstalled the posts in the brackets. Beams going In tomorrow and maybe corner bracing. Enjoyed a well deserved PSD4 and a Miller latte at the end of the work day.
  8. My favorite cigar of my limited experience. It's a 2.5+ hour smoke for me!
  9. Saw it first in high school social studies class. Cool movie. If it's on I'll usually give it a watch. 8/10
  10. Despite it's critical acclaim it's not an album that I listen to straight through. Diamonds on on the soles of her shoes is such a transcendent track though - it has such a calming and happy vibe. I feel like it's a song that should be part of the loop at every DMV and the dentist and things like that. I guess I'd give it a personal score of 7/10.
  11. Julio Rodriguez is going to be a STAR for the M's. Remember the name, if you don't know it already!
  12. Going to build a gazebo/pavilion next week with my father in law. Ran around and picked up all the materials this weekend so we are ready to go! Going to have to call in some favors when it’s time to put those 16’ 6x8s in place…
  13. My mom used to give my brother and I bus fare and send us downtown by ourselves for the day in the early 90's - we were probably 9 and 11? 10 and 12 at the latest. We managed to get into our share of mischief and scary situations, but thankfully no harm came of it! Once we were both in middle school we each got bus passes as we had to take the city bus to our school bus stop. We got to use those passes to ride for free on the weekends and took full advantage bumming all around the city with our low-rate hoodlum friends trying to "hey mister" some beer or finding an old hippy to sell us a dime bag of shake.

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