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Prayer sent ❤️ I can empathise as my father is dying from cancer at the moment it’s hard to see your parents frail 

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2 hours ago, TBird55 said:

My mother slipped today and broke her ankle in 2 places, surgery in the morning. She's 89 and in fairly good health, stubborn (wet moping floor when she slipped).  If you have the time say a little prayer for her.

definitely prayers sent. 

mum is 88 and has three falls this year - before that, a bit of hayfever and nothing worse. doesn't need glasses, all own teeth etc. still playing golf. so this is all a bit traumatic. 

cracked her head first time but told them not to be stupid, she was fine. last time, cracked a hip. they took the chance to whack in a pacemaker as well. she gets about okay now - partly with a walker though if no one is looking, she will ignore it. short term memory shot, longer term perfect. just as stubborn. 'i tripped over the dog', she insists. the second time, we didn't even have a dog (it passed away after about 17 years this year as well), but she is convinced it was not her fault. 

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