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  1. In a word craftsmanship,considering The circa et al very well done ?
  2. Yea I know found that out last week whilst bingeing ?
  3. This too shall pass it’s been challenging for a lot of people myself included for a multitude of reasons But after the darkness comes the light the goodness in this world will triumph take care all and stay safe ❤️
  4. For me a all time fav all the Gerry Anderson shows we’re good and well ahead of its time
  5. Hi all Whilst this is not a lost cab or anything like that, it is the last of its kind for me at least,I know there are probably some still lurking in humidors around the world ,this is one of Robs first customs from circa 2008 I think . it was originally called the shaggy then morphed into the ‘Tampa’ in tribute to one of the founding moderators and members here ,in memory of ‘Chuck aka Tampa ‘ so by my reckoning it must be 12 years old Even after 12 years there is still an oily sheen to it ,quiet surprising really,it has a really good feel in the hand The First third started off quiet mild with elements of milk chocolate and a some what mild shortbread sort of taste .burn and draw excellent Second third the delicate opening has been replace by a darker core of dark chocolate/espresso wine the milk chocolate receding to the fringes . Final third body is still what I would describe to me at least as medium bodied the core flavours still abound ,but now with hints of exotic wood and Liquorice and something I wasn’t expecting a subtle wash of middle eastern style spices ,very nice and actually compliment the liquorice . here are some pics ,it was nice to see that after all this time it continued to shine ,if this was only the case with all Cubans....
  6. It’s all genius Elon musk is a clever dude. and there’s a lot of them. The world could do a lot worse than to listen to these clever individuals and alike.Men and women. White black what ever colour or ethnicity genius is not prejudice. our destiny lies on other worlds ,Mars in particular ,but in the long term who knows. before that happens the world needs to get its collective shit together there in lies the problem but for NASA and Space X well done I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again putting humans into space is the hardest thing we can do it’s so difficult
  7. Well done it’s the hardest thing we humans can do ....
  8. I agree Rob those punches were something else.. These are two are mine recently smoked, both sublime
  9. our simple home gym ,while the wife’s anyway ? I have yet to hit it in earnest three simple pieces 1 Treadmill 2 Elliptical 3 Pilates reformer it works for Lucy she has lost over 35+ kg’s good on her so proud
  10. Yesterday afternoon’s effort. my last VR Unicos plenty of age on this one ,at least a decade it was sublime. last of its kind an absolute creamy toffee honey bomb never expected that.....
  11. Consider it a project to do whilst having a stick ,challenge your self and post up ✌️
  12. Hi all thought I would start a thread of your favourite iso cigar photos. all mine were taken on an iPhone 11 Pro no photoshopped images ....
  13. Could do with a tool of some sort have had a few of these of late. happy nubbing one and all
  14. Not everyone’s cup of tea but you have to admire the skill and passion and for the best of the best causes ❤️?

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