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    My lady and our 5 girls, single malts, big game hunting with a pointy stick, downhill skiing, things that go bang, breathing underwater, adding value to entrepreneurial endevours.

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  1. I’m so glad that people like Elon speak common sense. Regardless of your team’s KPIs, the US economy is headed for a nasty crash. This due in part to an entitled generation of self absorbed narcissists who think the world revolves around their pleasure and entertainment. Remote work may be efficient for some, but for many of the inexperienced and immature workforce, it is just a way to sleep in, binge Netflix, and still collect a paycheck. I’d like to think there is a time coming when these foolish experiments will have run their course.
  2. No question 50 cabs are better than a dress box. Tobacco on tobacco, always beats tobacco on glossy paper. As to 50 cab vs. 25 SLB, I would go 50 cab every day of the week and twice on Sunday, as you will likely get cigars that are more uniform in taste and construction.
  3. Due to gas fees, I suspect that ADA may steal some of ETH’s thunder.
  4. Um....yeah. That’s me. I actually have a 20’x8’x8’ concrete vault with a 1200 pound safe door that I keep “stuff” in. So, not too far off. I’ll post some pics sometime, but it might violate the FoH gun policy.
  5. That was my perspective for many years. I feel very foolish for not correlating that the US dollar has less intrinsic value than most alt currency.
  6. I know a fair number of us on here hold BTC. In the midst of the current sell-off, curious to get your price prediction for 12/31/2021. What a ride...
  7. man’s opinion. But...most of the LGC REs are a betrayal of the marca. LGC never had a robusto, but we have them in spades with the REs. I have not found any similarities in the REs that are true to the floral and fruity LGC profile. It would be awesome if it was, but it isn’t. The MdOs are legendary. Tainos are legendary. I have yet to experience anything close to legendary with a LGC RE. The Orgullosos are good, mostly because I love the idea of a 109 format, but again, not even approaching legendary. The Netherlands RE that is forthcoming has potential, but I’m not holding my breath.
  8. Just think...if all the level-headed people said, “Enough, no more, we will not tolerate any more of this non-sense”, it would all end. But for some reason all the level-headed people kowtow to the psychos, and all in the name of “tolerance”. The shame of humanless space travel is that I’m really starting to think another plant would be quite appealing.
  9. For me, no interest whatsoever for ELs. Blends are frankly, bizarre. They don’t age all that well, overpriced, very little price appreciation potential. REs are another story. I find some really interesting vitolas that are generally unavailable. The 109s, Lonsdales, dropped head, skinnies, etc. seem to only be available in a RE. Those I chase. However, all the fatties and warmed over robustos, someone else can have, I don’t chase those at all. On some occasions I will pick the uninteresting robusto in a box of ten up when I am traveling internationally. In those cases the secondary pricing isn’t prohibitive, and they make a nice travel souvenir.
  10. Actually, I won this stick in a competition that a vendor had on Instagram. Good to know that won’t have to suffer through an entire box. I have a ‘98 box that is excellent.
  11. Like others, I have this resource open 365 days of the year. Thank you @ATGroom! And I’m so impressed that you do thins as a labor of love. You’re a better man than me, I would have ruined the site by trying to monetize it.
  12. ‘99 HdM du Dauphin. This lived up to my millennial expectation. Bitter. Loosely rolled. A pretty lousy 50 minutes.

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