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  1. Thank you! That name sounds correct! Sadly I think age had declawed it.
  2. This is an INCREDIBLE chance for me to try a cigar that has been languishing for YEARS. I have never had an Opus and had heard great things about it. But I have been smoking Cubans for the last 10 years. This was given to me years ago as a friend said it was a good cigar. I love this motivation to actually try it now. I’m sure that folks that know about these sorts of things could actually tell me what instantiation this is. It looks like it’s somewhere between a PC and a corona. I’d guess 40 ring gauge. Wrapper is gorgeous and oily. It’s a pretty cigar and the size I like. No clue on age. First draw is promising and construction is great. It’s not a strong smoke at all and actually subdued at the start. When it gets going, I feel that it is very refined. After 20 minutes, refined turns into “boring.” This might have been a great cigar but there isn’t much flavor. Draw and construction is impeccable. The back half is actually interesting and I get some nutty notes and it doesn’t ramp too high in strength. It’s an older cigar on the back end of its journey so it can go the distance. Construction-wise this is perfect but it’s not a great cigar because it doesn’t have much depth. It’s possible it’s just too old. I loved the experience, but didn’t love the flavor.
  3. I am not saying that they aren’t influential and I’m not (entirely) saying they aren’t important. But they are a case of contextualizing their importance through influence. Yes, many great other artists came and did the stream of consciousness, poetic economy thing. Often better. But the self indulgence and the artists that emerged after is enough for me to question the positive impact The Doors have had on modern rock/pop.
  4. Boy I love these so much. I only have a handful left now but I do cherish them.
  5. An ode to my most consumed size. If I were being totally honest, my favorite size is probably a Lonsdale or Corona. But,$ for $, this is what I reach for the most. SO MUCH SO that I even broke my personal rule of never smoking anything less than 3 years old! Everyone had been raving on the overall quality of 21 and 20. Haven’t tried anything from either of those two years. Had a few 19s that I thought were good. (I didn’t enjoy anything from 18 and thus don’t own any). But this box looked great and smelled great. AND because petit Coronas tend to be less expensive than other sizes, I didn’t have to beat myself up for trying it young. (I still find it insane that the Monte 3 and the Quai Corona are the only two Coronas in production. If you squint, I guess the Coloniales is a corona) This Boli PC DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I was blown away with the lack of harshness from the get-go. Typically these can be strong when young. Smokeable but strong. (Unlike the PLPC which is borderline unsmokeable in its youth). But I find this cigar usually hits its stride 4-7 years in. I got a lot of leather, some wood, very little fruit. Basically a good Bolivar. Construction was excellent. Part of the wrapper had some trouble staying lit about halfway through but I’m sure that was an anomaly. Normally I would pair this with a Manhattan but today felt like a martini day and I just got a bottle of this fantastic Carpano Dry Vermouth. It was a nice match up. Predictably, the back third was a bit harsh and unresolved but that was expected. In fact I noted that I would revisit the cigar in 2023 as opposed to normally waiting the typical 3 years. 90 now. Will likely be a 92-93 in a couple of years
  6. I’ll be totally honest - as a lifelong Dodgers fan I’m Terrified!!! I’m not sure there has been a more powerful offensive line in history! That’s terrible! We need to be squeezed a little to play. Hubris is not our strong suit. Very scared.
  7. So many good ones. I love “Eye Know” from De La Soul because of the liberal use of “Peg” by Steely Dan.
  8. No clue but they look PERFECT.
  9. Yeah. Never seen a fake Hoyo DC but I guess there’s a first for everything
  10. I enjoy this question a lot. There might be some friends that I would share any cigar with regardless of cost. With them, I likely feel a two-way street of generosity such that even if they weren’t giving me cigars, maybe I felt that they shared in other ways. And it all feels mutual. But other friends I might not be “as generous.” Sure I’ll share but maybe I don’t dive into the good stuff. This likely stems from a feeling that I’m doing most of the sharing in the relationship. I understand the predicament of the OP. If it were once or twice, that’s a slight leaning of the seesaw. But right now he feels like Andre the Giant across from Herve Villechaize. That’s a tough predicament. An open kimono chat about cigar costs might bring things into focus.
  11. I traded a bunch of sticks with a guy recently. Mostly just odds and ends that I didn’t have much of for things he didn’t have much of. Principes for Party Shorts. That sort of thing. On it was 1 Hoyo DC. I don’t have any other Hoyo DCs at present to compare it to but the label looked “different.” Printing looks thicker. I’ve never seen a fake one but maybe they are out there? Maybe it’s older? Maybe it’s newer. I have ZERO info on it. (Don’t know code or year.). I’m not out any money so it’s not like I’m looking to pick a fight. Just curious on what the Peanut Gallery thinks.

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