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  1. Punch Punch REG JUL 18 I rarely smoke a cigar to the nub.....
  2. Can I ask how long your current stash will last your smoking a couple of cigars a week? My plan is similar but to add about 3-4 boxes a year of particular cigars (unless prices keep climbing at the current rates).
  3. I feel like Im going to be that old guy that talks about when "he was your age a candy bar used to cost " $0.xx and CC were only blah blah price"
  4. I thought I was the only one afflicted from the price hikes making cigars less enjoyable. Even though I bought many of my boxes at much lower prices, I now look at some of them and feel almost some guilt in smoking them. Like I was ok with burning a $10 bill or $20 here and there, but lighting up a $50 .... Cheers to those that have no need to think in this manner. Please tell me the secret to nirvana haha
  5. Maybe an increase in Nudies production is on the horizon 😬 I got into the CC game just a few years ago, I have a a couple year supply for myself as I was trying to build an aged inventory that would be constant. I am a working man, so price will affect my consumption. All in all, life could be much much worse. Turning the big Four Zero, anyone wanna recommend me a box to gift myself before the prices hit insanity hahah? Swung and missed yesterday on the HdM DC
  6. Cocaine and whisky .... ? Pounds fly off if you stay consistent ....
  7. For me it lasted months, at first I thought it was the cigars. After 4 months or so my taste seemed to be coming back.... then Omicron got me..... back to square one. I hope for you it is brief in nature!
  8. I really enjoyed #5, and Diplo was my unsubmitted guess Dang now I think I want a box of Diplo 2s
  9. My gf is not vaccinated, I am. There hasn't been a single argument on the matter. We likely just don't agree with each others risk assessment of the unknown. I fully understand anyones hesitancy, I just made the best choice I could with the information I had. I am not a fan of the mandates being imposed. As for the cartoonist, I believe in the freedom of speech and expression to be vitally important. Im sure the woke police will be making their arrest soon...... Ya, I speak to the engineers.... the architects are a waste of time. Of course Im reasonable about it, I only do this for first time entry if I am satisfied with their explanation of their work....🤪
  10. It was all over the map honestly, some not vaccinated had no symptoms. One girl was sick for weeks despite being vaccinated. I knew so many people that got covid while vaccinated in June, it was almost laughable. Seemed to be about 1/3 vaccinated and exposed tested positive at some point in the small group of 70 people. And there wasn't random testing, so positives were people who had symptoms or were just being cautious.
  11. Don't mind at all, I'm an open book with any information people want. I took J&J vaccine in April, and got the delta variant some time in July. Many of my coworkers got it as well, Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, someone from each tested positive. I shouldn't say I "lost" my taste per se, just things taste different. Haha, I actually didn't or don't really care about the food thing so much. The cigar thing was a kick in the nuts though!

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