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As we anxiously wait for the 24:24 to resume after the new year I thought it would be good to put together my buy list for 2019. Here's mine. Be interesting to hear yours. 

Trinidad fundys.

Partagas shorts 50 cab. 


Upmann mag 54. 

Lusys 50 cab



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Hoyo Des Dieux... A fella can hope.

Apprantly a lot more than I thought considering all the boxes I’ve purchased already. 

Hmmm. For me, some new and more of the same. Trinidad La Trova. I've enjoyed these from the start and want to go deep. H Upmann Sir Winstons.  Have a few boxes, would like more.

List is too long to list here. Some making the short list:

1. Some aged stock in the new auctions. My CC stock is mostly newish and I really need to get some of the basics with 3-5 years of age on them.
2. HdM Epi2
3. RASS 50 cab
4. Party Lucy
5. Trini- La Trova
6. Some CoSi6, if they come back into production.
7. I’d like to find some Talismáns when I travel abroad. I figure in a couple years they will be out of sight for price.

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Nothing specific planned - some new releases and RE to try, if the price is right.

At the rate I’m going through my box, I will need some more RyJ Petit Royales soon.

I’ve been taking advantage of the various holiday sales to get backup boxes of regular production (BBF, et cetera) and my storage is beyond full so the plan is (again) to slow down purchases in the new year. I have more than I can smoke in a lifetime.

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Since I'll be in Havana in four days, customs from Alex & Yolanda. Otherwise:

Quai D'Orsay 50

Trinidad Vigia

La Gloria Cubana

Regional or Limited Editions from France, Spain & Amsterdam since I will be travelling there in March.


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I’ll be in France in March, so I’m hoping to grab a few boxes of the QdO regional if they are available. Other than that, my humidor is lacking in Cohibas at the moment so it will be time to restock - probably a box of CoRos, Sig IIs, and Sig IIIs at the very least.

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Would like one or more of the following ?:

FOH's New to Habanos Sampler

Cohiba Medio Siglo

Cuaba Divinos

Flor de Cano Petit Corona

Hoyo de Monterey - Palmas Extra

Juan Lopez Seleccion #2

Partagas Habaneros

Ramon Allones Specially Selected

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To name a few on top of my list for 2019:

Trinidad La Trova

Bolivar Silver Jubilee RE Hong Kong

Bolivar LE 2018

I hope to be able to participate in the aged stock auctions if allowed as I have some stock I am looking to sell or even trade


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Hoping to see current production cigars that haven't been seen often for some time.

Hoyo des Dieux 

Hoyo du Gourmet

Esplendidos, Siglo VI, CCE, Lanceros

LGC M d'O #2

Monte Especiales No. 2

SLR Serie A

Trinidad Coloniales

Any long and skinny regional editions - actually any semi-longish and not to fat RE actually.....short and/or fat RE are a bane!


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ERDM choix supreme

VR famosos

Cohiba exquisitos


Cheap partagas (PCEs, habaneros, aristocrats, mille fleurs, super partagas)

Siglo 1

RG perlas

Any MDO2s I can find - Tainos if i'm a dreamer

Bolivar demi tasse - these are always on my list but are a white whale. They were never super mainstream popular, AND they're long discontinued

Ryj petit royales





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The FOH custom cigars. The samples I smoked back in November have got me hooked and eagerly anticipating their release.

Yes! Totally forgot those. Didn’t have a chance to try but they are on my list regardless.
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