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  1. I work for the company that is building the hard top and soft top roofs for the Bronco. The new technology and modular design is amazing. The massive weight reduction will allow one person to remove or put on the roof panels. Looking forward to seeing these on the road in Detroit soon.
  2. Trinidad Esmeralda BSM DIC 19 Excellent from the first puff. I can see now why so many people love these
  3. Arrived today. UBM and REG FEB 19. Two distinctly different wrappers. I have a 5 pack to sample and these will go down for a long nap.
  4. Milk or Dark Chocolate? Both boxes are UTL MAY 19
  5. Monte 2 SUM NOV 15. Really enjoy this. Lots of cocoa.
  6. Nice draw and lots of smoke output. Very nice. Paired with a tropical IPA. Happy Memorial Day weekend!
  7. La Punta OEB MAR 07. Thanks @FatherOfPugs for the trade! Wonderful smoke!
  8. Heard these were hard to find, even on the island, so I jumped on 3 boxes. LGR JUN 19 box codes on all 3
  9. Punch Punch Tubo TOS NOV 15 Perfect draw, lots of smoke and tasty. Aged in the sealed tube.
  10. BCG from 2015. First one. Thanks @bdw1984for the trade. Let's see how this goes
  11. I picked up this cigar in a 3 pack from the Zurich airport duty free sometime in 2016. Had one a couple years ago and didn't care for it, gave one away to a buddy and dug this one out of the humidor for this review. Its been raining all day here in Detroit and it was in the low 40's out this evening. Went with a punch cut and paired it with a Heineken as I sat on my front porch. This cigar is very spongy and feels under filled. The draw was very open so I was concerned it may burn quick. The first third was not that great and the cigar had some burn issues that had to be touched up. No real flavor profile to note and it was slightly bitter. The second third was much better than the first. There was some twang hitting the back of my tongue. I got some espresso notes, sweet tobacco and a little paprika. Very enjoyable. The last third was even better than the second. Similar flavors and very smooth. Final smoking time was just over an hour. I would give this a score of 90.
  12. Future contestants on The Price Is Bond Robert's ???
  13. My wife is Greek and we plan on going to Greece this summer with our son just before his first birthday. She has family there that we will visit. We will be in Nafpaktos (near Patras) and Kardamyli (close to Kalamata). Both towns are on the water and very beautiful. Nafpaktos is more of a place that you visit if you are from there. Kardamyli is a hidden gem. The neighboring town of Stoupa is also great. Lefkada would be some place I would recommend also. Cheers!

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