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  1. It was a great long weekend. Good to see many, many old friends again and to make new ones. The picture represents the view on the Saturday evening dinner, taken by an Amicigar whose foto's are much better than mine 👍
  2. Just in case it has gone under the radar. The AMICIGAR El Diamante is finally happening in Antwerp this weekend
  3. The SW with the old band is a once a year treat for me and are excellent, up there with the best. The ‘newer’ SW are good but I feel they can still improve.
  4. Caviar and Champagne. With a CR received from @Nino Celebrating 10 year for the little Princessa
  5. Given that the location is across from the Capitolio and on the Parque de Fraternidad this needs resolution ASAP in order to maintain the wonderful atmosphere that was created there.
  6. Only two is difficult Monte 5 El Principe Shorts RASCC are firm favs
  7. I had the pleasure of visiting a few well known factorías en la RD, including the Cathedral del Tabacco from Fuente. The material prima that is currently processed ranges from 6 to 12 years old. Hence when going to market they are ready to smoke, much more so than the Cuban cigars. The Cuban cigars have more legs in aging simply because the are younger when brought to market. Prior to the mid 90’s this was also the case for Cuban cigars.
  8. The well stocked stores are credit card or MLC only. Both need currency and are charged at the official exchange rate, either when purchasing or when funding the MLC bank account.
  9. That was a great update @Corylax18 👍👍👍
  10. Keep em mostly. Refill Cabs with other cigars (box code on a note inside). Wonder how a 50 Cab of Monte 4 will taste in a few years 😀
  11. There is a PCR test facility at José Marti airport. There were two nurses present. Payment with CC, cost €23 two weeks ago. It took me about 50 mins including waiting on the test.
  12. They have been put into limited circulation.

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