Age demographic on FOH? Do the poll.

FOH Age Demographic  

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I may be an old fart but I tell my kids some day they will get mommy a cigar, a beer, put on some great music and then change her diaper. CB

Ever wondered what the age demographic is on FOH? Let's do the poll. This is physical age ......not mental age nor the age of the partner you feel  

3 hours ago, Chibearsv said:

You bunch of whippersnappers! 😁

Eat caca, Scott! I'm at the bottom of this poll... 😔

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6 hours ago, El Presidente said:

I think it is great to see that Ken has some company on the over 70's 👍

I would actually like to know how old Ken is. In person he looks much younger than in the footage we see posted hear. 💪

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