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  1. Agree, don't mind paying a premium for a truly premium product; however, with HSA products at present, it is an expensive low probability bet and nothing more. Thank God, I have thousands of cubans (cohiba and non-cohiba) to smoke until they figure that out. I don't think demand is as inelastic as they think.
  2. That is a partially true statement. We have plenty of light sweet crude. Heavier stuff like the Canadian oil sands are mixed with our light sweet crude to resemble a mix of mid east oil. Our refineries were built to process mid east oil. Retooling is expensive and you take out production when you retool. Additionally, getting a new refinery permitted and built is more than an act of congress difficult. Ask @SignalJoe, he makes sure the ones we have don't fall apart and/or explode. Canadian oil sands still get to the US via truck vs pipeline, which is dumb (inefficient and more dangerous).
  3. Don't think anyone is celebrating anywhere right now, nor should they. Regarding ending things fast, that had to do with decimating invader forces within Ukraine. However, doing so would likely enlarge the battlefield beyond just Ukraine. It also humiliates the director of the invaders and what could come next is not a topic anyone would want to entertain. Something to consider:
  4. Surely, the West's hope is that Putin is dealt with internally. How long will that take? How much destruction happens to Ukraine in the time being? Who fills the vacuum in a nuclear Russia, if he is gone? Not sure most of the western world can sit by and watch some of the gruesome stuff that is happening and the only help offered is ammo, weapons, food and money. The European leadership, thus far, has been impressive. The EU has the ability to clear this problem from the air with both manned aircraft, drones and cruise missiles. The only ground assets committed, thus far, are those there to protect the Ukrainian president (you will never hear official confirmation of this). Seeing how the world is galvanized against Putin, I am not sure this is making Xi feel froggy about invading any of its desired pieces of the "motherland". Culturally, I believe they have a long term greedy approach to the future as opposed to Putin's jousting windmills approach.
  5. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.
  6. Yes, unfortunately all of us in Houston know all too well what flooding is like. Stay safe and dry FOH.
  7. If the consensus is that most of the Russian people want to be a part of a modern, global world economy and not suffer long term sanctions that hurt them and not him, maybe the answer is yes. I do think an event like this helps a lot with remembering how much we all have in common, which all too often gets obscured by a lot of the nonsense that we quibble over most of the time.

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