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  1. Thanks all who answered Thank you sir. I appreciate the depth and the time you put into your posts. Regardless if its OCD or not I appreciate it lol. I never considered myself a fast smoker but I might be. I have never timed myself or even thought about slowing down before. Weird question: can being too slow of a smoker ruin a cigar? Re lighting 3 times?
  2. His reviews might be a lil ocd but they are on point lol. Would love to hear his opinion here…
  3. How much of the end and when? So you cut it twice?
  4. Is a cigar obtaining a 94+ score dependent on nubbing or not? Is that calculated into it?
  5. Happy Sunday BOTL’s. I smoked a Esmeralda TLU MAR 20 last night. Fantastic smoke. Gingerbread, wood, almond coffee creamer and a hint of cinnamon. It was a hit for sure in that 92 ish range. But it got bitter and sour right at the band. I got to thinking…why does this happen? Do I need to drybox longer? It was stored at 69/65 and drybox 24 hours. I nubbed a Lusi 4 weeks ago but nubbs dont happen to me often. Well then my second question came up about what is the normal expected smoking range of a cigar? Where does the final 3rd end? Have I been thinking incorrectly the final 3rd ends at the end of the cigar? Is there no issue with a cigar starting to be terrible around the area where the band is? In the pic is A or B correct to use when talking 3rds?
  6. So hilarious. I never thought about it like that before but it really is a D4 having a kid with Lusi 😂
  7. To me they are the top top. Very unique. I have a 2 year old box and have only smoked three. They were perfect yes but my sample size is too small for the question.
  8. Just quoting this as a “me too” I was shocked I didnt see this more. Of course you have sir winnie etc. But the CPE by quantity smoked has never failed me. Always, always top notch luxury silky smoke. I have had a bad Lusi but never a bad CPE….
  9. I get it. I had one recently I left in the tube (experiment) for a few years and omg it was on. All the flavors as described above plus strong cuban twang. I had one 6 months ago from the humi and I started becoming anti coro 😂 But this one was wow. Im a big Cohiba fan but not the siglo line. Luckily I stocked up a bit and I am smoking my Cohibas in the regular cycle but PSD4 and JL2’s (among others) are beyond great for the price. I cannot and will not buy a box of Coro for almost double a box of Lusis. I just cant do it lol.
  10. I nub mine so much its burning my finger and lip 😂
  11. I love em both and I honestly I cant choose! The Lusi has really grown on me. Its the only cigar I crave. I want that flavor all the time lol. Both are complex and flavors change a lot. Both taste incredible. I would pick sir winnie though by a slim margin based on smoke quality. The box of winnies I have produces this rich thick heavy but soft velvet smoke that just coats the palate leaving a very long finish that changes as well. The smoke just oozes luxury. I consider myself very lucky being only 3 years into CC’s and having a box of both!
  12. Or option 3 which is what I do. I will take the heat and lower humidity but with a twist. I only smoke CC’s so if I am going to smoke during the summer its only on a lower humidity night and I sit in my kids pool lol. No joke. I chill in this 1 ft deep pool just lounging. Laptop, music and all. I have to here in TX. Summer nights are still roasty. Its actually become one of my favorite ways to enjoy a cigar. Super chillin. If the humid is high I wont go out. I only smoke once a week on a Fri or Sat night. If the humidity is high, I miss out that week. For awhile I could not figure out why some of my cigars would start to taste like bitter sea water 20 minutes in…Great way to ruin a nice cigar. Since figuring out cigars are literally like a sponge I have not had one issue like I was having.
  13. I knew it. Those bands are legit but I was thinking real bands on fake cigars in fake box….

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