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  1. 'I would wait a bit on crypto. It’s got quite a bit further to drop. The only one I’m confident in buying is btc and it’s not in a buy zone for me yet. Capitulation hasn’t happened yet. And I agree with others, equities have a good bit further to go. The fed is screwed right now. No matter what they loose credibility. My hope is that they hike 75bps every month until things cool off. They’re going to be taking a credibility hit regardless of what they do. 100bps would be better but I doubt they go that far ' You're right about further to drop re crypto. I've been buying *very* small ($100) amount on the free-fall starting at around $1900. Only accumulated $400 to-date. Maybe I'll end up with 1 coin by the time it's all done. I'm only dipping my small toe.. LOL
  2. Blood in the street for sure. Been here before and before that. In my past experience, my portfolios rocked after all the dust settled and recovery took hold. For this one, we may have to wait until end of 2023 to see the economy turning in the U.S. and global. for now, I'm holding on to both oars and drinking heavily and smoking (and more than my Monte's). If you got the balls, buy equities that you may have your eyes on but buy solid companies with profits and lots of cash flow. I'm fully invested but now starting to dip my toes in crypto (Etherum). It's a tuff go for us retirees but still hanging in... Good Luck to All
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Many More Happy Returns..
  4. Ray, A heartfelt and quite touching post. So sorry to read about your loss of a great pal.
  5. I too have had one for a number of years. It's not my go to since I have another but I do use it occasionally and it cuts very nice.
  6. When an FOH is posted I receive an email and if there was an image embedded I would also receive that embedded image. However, I now get FOH emails but no images are displaying. I'm specifically referring to the 24:24 emails that has images of the sticks up for sale. I get the email but no images are displayed. I checked my Yahoo mail setting and according to what I read on Google I have the correct settings. Does anyone know if there is a FOH setting that I need to tweak? thank you in advance
  7. I too live in a colder climate NE area of the U.S. I'm lucky to have a car garage and that is where I smoke. however, not too good but still better than nothing on really really cold days/nights and even worse windy cold and I just have to have a puff. Something that I wanted to buy from a big box store are one of those propane tank heating units. My brother in law had one set up outside on his deck and it works great.. generates nice heat. Something like that in my garage would be great...
  8. Di, Lisa, Lucy and rest of the family, Sad to hear of your loss. I wish you healing and peace.
  9. LOL.. you saw that too.. wonder if he will hold true to his promise
  10. Another one I like. Please pardon if already posted somewhere
  11. Sorry to the poster who originally posted. I didn't see that post. I rarely post and got excited to post that Florida guy save his doggie.. Was kinda big news in the states, at least on CNN he got interviewed. The title I post is misleading as he did drench his cigar.. anyway, thought it was fun.. have a good ThanksGiving to all in the states and to everyone around the world, stay safe..
  12. yeah stick got dunked no doubt.. He looks like the kind of guy that will try to dry it out and fire it up anyway.. A trooper for sure.
  13. Sorry to include the whole page. Don't know how to extract just the video.
  14. Awesome ! I tried to save images under win 10 so I can use for screen savers but the file type is .webp. can seem to figure out how to save as .jpg or other win 10 reconizes. anyway, thanks for sharing
  15. I'm not a collector and wish I was of old time signs of various types.. Those ones you posted are awesome. I watch this TV show called American Pickers where these couple of guys travel to different parts of the United States to buy or "pick" various items for resale, for clients, or for their personal collections. Lots of things including really old signs of things like Gas Stations, Cars, Company Brands.. But, I never saw them pick a sign with cigars..
  16. Good stuff.. Thank you. I just signed up for FOH Auctions so my ID will get xterred. Also, good to know that the normal FOH Forum and carts will continue the same as it has been. Did I understand that correctly?
  17. hi, I regret to say I haven't been keeping too up to date with the transition. I have been a FOH member for a number of years. Do I need to do anything so I will be able to continue my purchases on Bond Roberts? Please accept my apologies if you're repeating the process. thanks
  18. Great video into a slice of Cuba. Thanks for sharing
  19. Thanks for the post RDB.. I echo RDB's post. I've been with FOH for awhile now. A BIG THANKS from BlueClaw as well. And I agree. A snapshot of the team would be great.. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Best to the whole team in 2019 !!
  20. Awesome.. May I ask what DNA service provider you used. I ask because I am considering using such a service. Your story inspired me. Thank you
  21. i'm the same way.. I have a few boxes I really don't touch for whatever reason and the rest is what is easiest to grab.. only decision I make is to grab a robusto, torpedo, short, etc..
  22. I also did the same using those polymere gel crystals. Very easy to do. Make sure you scrap all that green foam out then rinse good with distilled water. First expand the crystals in another cup for a day then spoon it in the oasis. That way you don't overfill over expand in the oasis which can screw up the small motor. I've had my oasis last like this for years and works great.
  23. Great idea.. I really would like to plan a trip later this year but I must first read up.. thanks again

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