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I would like to thank those of you who have in turn thanked me for my previous blogs the past three years and have encouraged me to continue with a new chapter in this series in 2022. A number of you

Cohiba Talismán 2017 - Edición Limitada UAO Ago 2017 Do you remember the hype surrounding the release of the Cohiba Talisman 2017 Limited Edition? It was launched in London in October 2017, it so

San Cristóbal de la Habana El Príncipe (circa 2009) I'd like to thank @NSXCIGAR for making this cigar available for me to smoke via trade. After all, a 2009 San Cristobal de la Habana El Principe

16 hours ago, JohnS said:


Rafael González Perlas (circa 2013)

I'd like to once again thank @NSXCIGAR for this Rafael Gonzalez Perlas I smoked today. It's been a little over twelve months since I've had a RG Perlas.

The Rafael Gonzalez Perlas is probably the mildest minuto/perlas/reyes option one could go for. Habanos cigars this size are a little more intense in flavour delivery than their larger brethren, but the Rafael Gonzalez Perlas (and Petit Coronas) tends not to be as intense.

This RG Perlas was a great way to spend a pleasant summer's afternoon. It had less floral notes and baking spice than what I would expect for an older version of this cigar, yet it still certainly had a core and dependable cocoa, earth, tobacco and slight honey sweetness to it which was great.

The back half of this cigar had a distinctive 'Earthiness' one finds in the Rafael Gonzalez marca which I appreciated and which you don't always get in other minutos or perlas-sized Habanos cigars. Thirty to thirty-five minutes of smoking enjoyment. What more could one ask for?

Enjoyed going through this batch of reviews John. I have not had a Perlas yet but I recently received a box from 2015. Not sure it’s a cigar that I would think of as being in my “wheelhouse” but part of the fun of this hobby is trying new things and expanding one’s horizon. I’ll let the settle a bit and then give them a try. 

On another note, I’m quite tempted to open my last 2007 BGM box after reading your review. Cheers. 

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