FOH 2021 International Blind Tasting Cigar Number Three : Reviews, post them here.

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FOH International Blind Tasting Competition: Cigar Number 3 .  Preparation 

Review  review on this thread Cigar Number 3 and send your pick to Lisa by Sunday 5th of December. 


You are encouraged to post your review on Cigar number 3 on this thread.  However, keep your guess to yourself. 

1. You will e-mail Lisa your nomination for that cigar by Sunday the 5th.  Now you can smoke all the cigars and email Lisa the results but we will be revealing cigars 1-5 over successive weeks. You get your picks in by the end of Sunday your time and we will post the results by the following Tuesday (time differences etal).


This year three of the 5 cigars are aged (5 years +). 

For a bonus half point, you at the time of your email to lisa  need to nominate  if the cigar is one of the three aged cigars.  You only have three chances to nominate a cigar as aged.  If you do not nominate then it will be recorded as non aged by default. 

Once emails are sent there will be no alteration to your selections. Late entries will not be accepted. 


Enjoy :cigar:



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Here are my notes (flavours from start to finish). The pictures are too far back to find.


Spice cinnamon ginger

Maybe cocoa

Spicy on the tongue



Maybe coffee

Too spicy

A bit bitter towards the end

70 minutes.

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I know what it is! its a belicosos!!!

For me it was a lot of woody and earthy notes, mine had slight hints of fruit and dark chocolate. Box press, not that that matters for this one.

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I smoked on thr Costa Rican Beach yesterday afternoon. I only know enough to guess which one this isn't. I haven't had the kther two bellicoso in production, so blind punt. But a thoroughly enjoyable smoke and will buy a box of whatever this turns out to be. 

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Smoked cigar #3 about 2 weeks ago one cold evening.

Per my notes:

Sweet nectar, oh so sweet all throughout. No thirds here. This is a wonderful mellow cigar. 

I was so engrossed in the creamy sweetness of the cigar I didn’t take a decent photo. 😄


It’s got to be either an RyJ Belicosos, or an aged San Cristobal La Punta. Some RyJ Belicosos I’ve had had such a light creamy hyper sweet flavor like this cigar. An aged La Punta can develop such a creamy sweet flavor as well, although maybe not quite as mellow - I haven’t smoked a ton of aged La Punta to be certain though. 

I’d leave out BBF or the Sancho Panza Belicosos, this cigar had none of those marcas’ usual characteristics.


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