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  1. For me 5 years. 1st 3 cigars was worst i ever had, box was thrown in the back of humidro with much force. Then i was going to work in africa and i thought yeah i'll take this box cos it'll be some shit smoking that i don't care about. Turned out to be absolutely amazing. Maybe i got the first 3 duds, maybe the blunt force trauma helped, maybe it was the age, maybe it was the environment in which i was smoking them. EDIT: I remember my first cigar of these (they were mag 46) in Africa. I had come back to my room from my shift, there was a snake near my bed, so i opened the door so it could get out of the room, noped the f#$% out of there, and went and sat outside to have a cigar. There was a train of snails the size of fist making their way across my balcony, and the monkeys were stealing my damn mangoes from the tree, literally looking directly at me while biting into them! The little shits take a bite of the mango, throw it on the ground, then let it rot and go and eat them cos they get a bit smashed on them. Fun times.
  2. Disclose to the person you are selling to (shop or whatever), what they do with the information is up to them. Most retailers or auction houses will not give a crap.
  3. I tell ya. Solo QC is spot on these days. That’s how I know they’re fake 😂
  4. Just curious. I’ve been seeing more additions in my cigars than I’ve ever seen. Random hairs in boxes. Random pieces of thread stuck around cigars. Pieces of small shredded paper or plastic inside tubes. Anyone else noticing this? This has been in Coronas Major boxes, Montes, Partagas. Nothing shortfilller.
  5. My top coulda shoulda woulda moment was in a high end hotel in London. Walekd into the humidor and there were HUpmann Number 2 Reservas there that were just released. There was no price, but a label with the name. So i asked the lady how much they were. She picks up the menu, and says "Yes HUpmann Number 2... thats 22 pounds" 😂 I politely told her that is absolutely not the price and to find out what the price was before any are sold. Think it ended up being about 60 pounds or so.
  6. FAKE NEWS!!!! all lies !! 🤣 From memory yeah it wasnt terrible. I recall it smoked faster than we thought too, think it took less than 2 hours to get through.
  7. Not the first. And several years too late. The Don 7x70 14 Oct 2015. Gifted by that mofo @ChanceSchmerr I don’t talk to him anymore.
  8. Im cash in hand waiting for the ASX to go below 6000 and i'll go all in. In the mean time put some money on BEAR.
  9. *Downloads app immediately* This is high end version of the more common "For a good time call Mus" you see in many female bathrooms around teh world 😂
  10. Local B&M in Perth, lists them at 141 aud per Coro... so accounting for 10% off more than 10 singles, a box works out to near on 3200 aud... which is 2200 USD... i sure hope this is post price increase 😂 Habanos are out of touch... they should have set pricing to Perth retail not any of this low ball HK bargain pricing.
  11. Good question! I often don't consider NCs to have ageing potential. Not that i'm a NC smoker of any definition. A lot of NC's are marketed as "7 year aged finest tobacco" blah blah blah... and they're still rubbish. So really i have no idea. Some people in NC circles claim there is ageing potential, but i find most of the responses i have read are "it mellows out" ... so basically a powerhouse quadruple maduro all ligero that manufacturer couldnt forsee came as absolute shock killed people after 3 puffs. Age that sucker for a few years and maybe it's less dying and more kind of ok smoking.
  12. So on the 2019 group, of the guesses for the CoRo, 16% picked correctly a CoRo, 19% picked JL2, 11% picked Epi 2, 9% picked BRC, 7% Ryj Short, the rest were a few votes for others like D4,Rass, RyJEx4 and Regios. 28% didnt vote. Interesting, wonder if the JL2 were a particularly good batch that year.
  13. So from blind tastings we know the following; 2017 - No one mistook the Punch Punch for a Siglo 4. A second Corona Gorda that was actually a siglo 4 was guessed by only 4 people out of over 70 in the competition. 2018 - a RASS was mistaken for a CoRo by 2 people. A second cigar, a CoRo was picked by 7 people out of 79 participants. 2019- a D4 was mistaken for a CoRo by 9 people out of 91 participants. The CoRO was correctly chosen by 14 out the 91 participants. The bolivar petite corona was incorrectly picked as Siglo 2 by 3 people. 2021 - a Boli PC was mistaken for Siglo 2 by 3 people out of 57 participants. Monte 4 was not mistake for Cohiba. Aged D4 was mistake for CoRo by 8 people. Now i get that we all think Rob is too cheap to put Cohibas in blind tastings (and we can bet the house it wont happen again 🤣), so yes there is a mentality that goes to a blind tasting that potentially has some impact. However, i think the evidence shows that when someone is given a cohiba, about 90% don't know it from any other regular production. Its interesting to note that less people mistakenly think something for a cohiba when it is in fact not. Would be interesting to go back and see what the highest guesses were for cohibas and so on. So relax people, we wouldn't know a cohiba from a guantanamera anyway. Habanos is just saving us money. That's their grand plan, they're looking out for us. Thanks Habanos!
  14. Price rises are worse than discontinuations. With rises you know these are out there, just not in your bal park. I suppose most of us drive toyotas insteads of ferraris, so we are somewhat used to it 😂 But yes absolutely. To me price has always been a factor as i dont have money to burn. I Haven't smoked many BHK because for the price they were not worth it. I wasnt getting as much enjoyment out of it compared to the price tag. Even regular stuff is getting expensive these days, which is a shame.
  15. What beer? I might have to start drinking if this is what it's like 🤣

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