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50/50 Poll #32  

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50/50 this week is new tech vs old school...

You know the drill: read the question, vote on the poll, elaborate in the thread if you so desire. Voting participants go into the draw for an El Pres sampler! - Drawn next Wednesday (Aus local time). :spotlight:


All about 50/50...

50/50 is a weekly poll where we find out whether or not some serious bones of contention questions can be finally be buried or will instead remain above ground as a fleshy 50/50 debate... you know, such weighty issues as these...

If given no other option:

do you prefer Hunnicutt or Trapper in M*A*S*H? 

Connery or Moore as Bond?

Apple or PC?

Smooth or Crunchy peanut butter? 

do you prefer wearing men's or women's underwear?

 Sacrificing chickens or virgins?

...that sort of standard fare. 

Vote in the poll and further bolster your standpoint in the thread below if you wish. Poll Votes are public and there's a couple of sticks up for grabs for participants. :party:

Also, PM me Polls that you'd like me to conduct on 50/50 and there'll be a prize for those we decide to use. :thumbsup:

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I went with paper, but I have to admit, the convenience of having an entire library of content on a device that is smaller than a single book does make for a very compelling case.  Especially if you travel.

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I expected to answer old school but after a brief moment of reflection I realized that I really enjoy the way a good narrator can bring a book to life in an audiobook. I've been working my way through the Harry Potter series narrated by Jim Dale, and his performance adds so much to the experience. If I'm reading, I prefer a hard copy of the book. But an audiobook with a good narrator is the way to go.

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Books, real book, always. Love the feel and smell of books. I am a tech-head and I'm all for technology. But ... there is a sensible argument for real books. Paper is more immutable. not quite up to stone standards, but better than digital. Things may change. M-Disc is a step forward, but we are not quite there yet.

I hate reading anything lengthy from the screen. Certainly with novels when i want to sit back and relax, but even when it comes to manuals, especially lengthy technical manuals etc., I always print them out and bind them up. There is nothing like being able to easily flick back and forwards, easily able to view more than one page at a time, a more holistic view so to speak, easily leave annotated page tabs, scribble notes (in tech manuals and pdfs etc.), have more than one manual open double paged, etc. Yer I know, I can do all this on a device, but it isn't as immediate, as visceral, its more fiddly still, and not as holistic.

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Old school for literature every time. Still need to build some shelves for the new place though so I presently have several book piles. One caveat: I’m in school and I use ebook texts. Much less expensive (textbooks are massively overpriced) and the search functionality is a lifesaver. I do intend to stock a small library related to my field in my office when I finish school, but it won’t be composed of undergraduate texts anyway. Overall old school all the way though.

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Gotta be old school if I could only have one. Living away from home and moving regularly, new tech and e-books particularly have been a life saver as I couldn’t travel with enough books to keep me going. 

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I do enjoy reading on an e-reader once in a while for convenience. Having said that, nothing beats a physical book. Too many issues with tech if we are talking rest of your life. When all else fails, you can always read a book by candlelight...

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