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  1. i got a roll of these little white stickers, i either put them on the cello or cut a strip of printer paper and use them to tape the ends together. cheap and a roll will last a long time
  2. Partagas Maduro No.1 RUM JUN 19 hoping they get better with age but they are the only box of cubans i have that i can't stand and never even consider smoking
  3. wouldn't say they are my all time fav in terms of flavor but are def my go to reg production smokes that i think meet the perfect balance of size/time, cost and flavor San Cristobal El Principe Montecristo No.4 BRC/ VR fomosos RASC RyJ Exhibicion No.4
  4. thought of going the excel route but for my cubans i copy the 24/24 description into a notepad file and save it with the name and box date as the title, got a folder for full boxes, one folder for partial/singles and a folder for everything smoked/gone. i only use the forum on my pc which makes this a lot easier....for my non-cubans i don't care enough to keep track, just pile em' in🤣
  5. been on a chopin and erik satie kick lately, along with the new tool and avatar albums
  6. the cigars i consistently get fruit flavors from would be any RA for chocolate raisins, the RyJ Exhibicion No.4 for cherry coke, and the JLS2 for chocolate orange
  7. same, been scared to try the lfd double ligero been sitting in the humi for years🤣
  8. never had behike but i liked cream soda with some other cohibas. just saw today too ,sprite mixed with rum tastes almost exactly like an alcoholic cream soda which i want to try
  9. i've noticed if i don't get good sleep it will hit me harder and make me a little queasy, same as when i'm getting over an illness
  10. i like to get creative with my spare bedroom, remove all the fabrics, seal the door and use a window fan. i would probably just buy a tent and a propane heater for my patio otherwise
  11. i recently wanted to slap myself for forgetting daylight savings time and missing out on some 24:24 psp boxes i had been waiting half a year for 😢 i don't have the memory capacity to remember and regret boxes i didn't buy tho 🤣
  12. i've noticed a lot of my non enthusiast friends tend to all know about the cohiba brand as the best in the world so i pick up a bunch of NC cohibas from cbid for $1 or $2 ea and it makes them feel all fancy smoking a cohiba 🤣 most of my friends just smoke weed tho
  13. not as far as i am aware, too low of humidity can dry out the oils and ruin them but as far as high humidity the only cigar ruining danger i know of is mold on the foot (not counting smokability issues). i would personally just make sure to check for mold on both layers of the box and then give them a nice long rest like you got them through the mail. honestly i do that when buying any cigars now, so as long as they don't seem crazy dry i don't worry about it

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