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  1. I've never "read" them, but I'm working my way through the audiobook series and they are spectacular. The narrator, Jim Dale (I guess Stephen Fry did the UK Version - haven't heard his version), brought the whole series to life. As much as I like reading physical books, I love the audiobook version of this series.
  2. Not technically a purchase, but this is the latest addition to my humidor. This was my prize for winning Week 7 of the FOH NFL Pick Em league. Huge thank you to @bayala, @First Lady and @El Presidente for this. Thankfully the cold weather will stave off the temptation to light this up without at least a few months rest.
  3. I expected to answer old school but after a brief moment of reflection I realized that I really enjoy the way a good narrator can bring a book to life in an audiobook. I've been working my way through the Harry Potter series narrated by Jim Dale, and his performance adds so much to the experience. If I'm reading, I prefer a hard copy of the book. But an audiobook with a good narrator is the way to go.
  4. Glad things went my way this week both with the picks and with the Pats. Obviously us New Englanders have been spoiled for quite a while but watching this defense is really something special, even compared to the consistency we've seen from this organization over the past two decades. If they can keep this up they'll have put together one of the best defensive seasons of all time. Even in fantasy football, this defensive unit ranks top 10 in points among all players. They actually cost me a loss by half a point last night when I came out of Sunday leading by about 25 points.
  5. Went to school in South Carolina where Palmetto Bugs (flying cockroaches) are everywhere. My first encounter was in my dorm room so I grabbed my hockey stick that was next to me to try and kill it, only to have it unexpectedly take flight straight for my face. I lost that battle.
  6. Just yesterday Massachusetts banned the sale of all all nicotine and THC vaping products for the next 4 months due to the "health risk". So if I wanted to, I can't go to the dispensary to purchase a legal THC vape cartridge that's been tested by a state facility. Plenty of black market vendors are still open for business, I'm sure those are safer.
  7. Congrats man. My son was born last month and I'll never forget the first time I heard his cry. I went over to talk to him and he stopped and just looked at me. No feeling like it in the world.
  8. In. Second the Go Pats. Watching the preseason game right now, Stidham has looked like a hell of an heir to the Brady throne.

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