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  1. Packaging like this esp. with alcohol can lead to some unfortunate incidents. I found out this the hard way. Whilst brewing beer and drinking at the same time with a mate some years back, his rather inebriated girlfriend popped in to say hello and kindly offered to make us a drink. Well unfortunately the beer bottle sterilising solution, 10% phosphoric acid, came in what was basically a soda bottle. So of course the girlfriend mistook it for such. In our very drunken states, we both took a nice big swig before realising the mistake. Luckily for us H3PO4 is not really toxic. Extraordinarily sour though 🤢
  2. As for the old saying "you can't polish a turd", someone has proved that wrong. In general though I don't think this applies to cigars any more than it applies to wine or cheese. Cigars maybe smokable after some time, but if it starts out a dog rocket I think you're shooting for at best mediocre. Garbage in, garbage out is more appropriate in most cases.
  3. According to Quantum Cigar Entanglement this is true. Believe me, you have many more issues to overcome because of the Quantum Cigar Uncertainty Principle (aka Habana Uncertainty Principle) ... a) The cigars are in a superposition of being both smoked and unsmoked until someone observes you either smoking them or not. b) You cannot determine both where you are smoking the cigars and how fast you are smoking them at the same time. c) You are smoking the same cigars in many places at the same time until observed smoking them.
  4. '18 PSP Trinidad Vigia. Just a couple of years has done wonders for this cigar. Found them a little to strong for my liking fresh, but the second from the box I had only a week ago and it was fantastic.
  5. Just imagine when self-driving cars become the norm. It won't be long before some country singer comes out with a song about how his pick up truck left him! 😏
  6. Geez these things are so badly infested they are no longer cigars, they are protein bars! 🤢😂
  7. "Scientific certainty" is almost an oxymoron. The whole point of the scientific method is that it is a self-correcting system. It does a disservice to true science when, at least as history has shown, it is fringe science and pseudo science that usually spouts certainties in their beliefs. Most true scientists are very unwilling even within their own circles to be absolutely certain of anything outside of fundamental laws, and even then some.
  8. I've not yet tried a San Juan so I am very interested in peoples response to this. It is going to be very disappointing if it turns out that the changes in the Le Hoyo line are not just a shift from traditional gauges to the current fat gauges. Cigars from HDM's Le Hoyo line have traditionally aged extremely well. Think Des Dieux, Du Prince, Du Gourmet. It just seems out of place for the Le Hoyo line to have a cigar that smokes well young but dies as it ages and doesn't have aging potential.
  9. Greek Jesus, I am hoping you can use your divine powers to finally answer the age old dilemma. What came first, the chicken or the coleslaw?🤪
  10. I thought Volado was the least powerful alongside Seco and Ligero and was mostly for burn? If so, then how can Viso be between Seco and Ligero, and be Volado?
  11. Call me old-fashioned, but my favourite has always been

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