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  1. I have to agree here. I had hoped to watch the first installment months ago, then the weather intervened in my plans. So I certainly can't claim that I have watched Part 2. Maybe some day over the summer... May ranking : No idea out of 10
  2. Welcome to FoH from the Philly corner of PA!
  3. Welcome to FoH from the Philly corner of the state!
  4. What part of PA? Since bourbon is one of my weaknesses, I love hunting. There are several stores in NJ that I like to frequent with decent selections and a place near Wilmington that can have some decent choices as well. If I can help out, let me know since it would give me an excuse to go shopping, you know, to help out a brother.
  5. To celebrate the 50th Anniversary, a local lounge was showing the movie this past Saturday, having a food spread,some beverages; sounded like a nice time. I have never seen the movie, so thought this would be the perfect time- enjoy the movie, some food, friendship, a cigar or two. And it snowed. So still have not seen this movie. Movie rating : No idea/10 Weather rating: 0/10
  6. I would be up to trying again. Didn't really do well on the last competition, but I think my years of NC smoking could help out. Or not and I might completely tank again. Would be fun to try, at least.
  7. Welcome to FoH from the Philly area.
  8. Welcome to FoH from just up 95 outside Philly
  9. Petite 109 should awesome! I am all for it. I love Churchills, but this sounds a little more accessible for more occasions.
  10. The holidays were job security for me prior to retiring from the fire service. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, it didn't matter. I could guarantee a kitchen or garage fire, or a couple of them, as so many people vastly overestimated their cooking proficiency. I will never understand why to do not mandate cooking or kitchen safety in our schools.
  11. The fact that I am still in the top half of this competition never ceases to amaze me. But this week hurt!
  12. I would love to see a Corona Gorda. It would be perfect for a long summer afternoon.

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